Getting a jump on Christmas gifts for The Littles: Sonic the Hedgehog Playsets, Sharks, Hot Wheels and Goo Jit Zu

Good Morning Coffee friends!

It's Monday... 'nuff said.

This weekend I was thinking about Christmas.  I was thinking about The Littles, and the 1100 cargo ships waiting in a holding pattern surrounding the US.  The trucking shortages.  The exorbitant shipping fees that have quadrupled since Biden took control just a few months ago.  Shopping has been 'hit or miss' on so many items... so I decided to get a jump on some gifts for the little guys now, to alleviate any anxiety that I might run into bare shelves or out of stocks in another month.

Now, I wasn't looking for any of the latest and greatest toys by any means.  Just some I knew would be of interest to the 3 oldest littles (I'm working on a gift or two for the 16 month old this week).  The Littles like Sonic, Hot Wheels, Goo Jit Zu and Sharks so that was the 'theme' I kind of went with.

I won't list everything I ordered, but I'll list a few (and link to them at Amazon if you are interested).  I researched Walmart, Amazon and Target, and ended up ordering from Target because they had a couple items that were exclusively theirs.  Oddly, Walmart had higher prices for most of the items I was looking at.  That rarely happens.

First though, I want to show my latest purchase for myself (which I rarely do!).  It's an electric kettle and I LOVE it.  I didn't "need" it as much as "want it" - but I had some reward dollars to use up in my Target account so I got a great, great deal on it.  I will use it for cooking and baking when I need to have boiling water (like 7 minute frosting) and for pour over coffee brewing, and for home canning foods, as you have to cover and fill with boiling water in the canning jars.  This is going to make all these things much easier.  I tested my electric kettle and I love it.  It really does boil the water in 3 minutes and it came a full rolling boil and then 30 seconds later the auto-shut off kicks in.  Perfect!  It can't boil dry if I forget I've started it.

 The Cosori electric kettle I bought myself last week... and I'm loving it.

Some of the gifts I ordered this week in order to get a jump-start on Christmas gifts for the littles.....

The 5 year old loves the 'gooey' Goo Jit Zu characters now.  I got him Hulk for his 5th birthday a couple months ago and thought I'd follow up with a couple characters.  These are the 'air vac' pump style.  Pump them for gooey or deflate the air and they will hold whatever shape you pose them in.

Air Vac Orbitox

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Galaxy Attack, Action Figure Pump Power - Air Vac Thrash 


The 5 year old is also getting the Robo Shark Frenzy. He loves everything and anything with sharks.  The car loops around when you launch it - will it make it around the loop safely or will it land in the shark's mouth?


Hot Wheels City Robo Shark Frenzy Play Set


The 3 year old loves monster trucks!  He also is a fan of sharks - in part because his two older brothers love them.  This is the perfect toy for his interest in both monster trucks AND sharks.  A simple launch to jump the divide and land into the sharks gaping mouth.

Monster Jam Megalodon Mayhem Playset   


The 5 and 7 year olds love Sonic the Hedgehog.  I hesitated on the playsets because they got mixed reviews.  Sonic's legs are really skinny little things with his thick socks and big feet and apparently a lot of people have issues with the leg snapping off when they shove him down on the peg.  Some however, have had no issues with playing with it and others said they just superglued it if it broke.  In the end, I decided it was worth it.  I actually bought all 3 sets to make play more fun.


Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Playset with 2.5" Sonic Action Figure

- I also bought the Sonic Studiopolis playset as well as the Sonic The Hedgehog Pinball Green Hill Zone Playset



I bought just a couple more items but my coffee is cold and I need to get busy anyway so I best end here.  I might link to some of the other gifts in tomorrows post if I get time....?

It's just the coffee talking again.........