Good Morning!

Well, 'morning' anyway.  Mr. Coffee was out the door early for work this morning and I've been up since about 4:00 am.  Didn't get to sleep until about 11:30 pm and had a couple 'waking' moments during the night so... yeah.  Coffee. 

And probably more coffee.

I'm thankful we called a plumber to come deal with the water heater pressure expansion tank last night...

Yep, it was expensive to pay the weekend/after hour fees, but fixing that ourselves would have meant me researching how to fix it last night and this morning; going to Home Depot or Lowe's today to search for parts we need, going without water all day to flush, cook, brush my teeth, wash my hands, and waiting for Mr. Coffee to get home from work tonight and then explaining to him how we were going to fix it... and then the two of us having to fix it late tonight.  And hoping we did it correctly when we turned the main water valve and water heater back on.

No thanks.

I hadn't made the mortgage payment yet this month so the money was in the account to cover the cost of the service call... and I consider it money well spent. 




In the past two years the government has told people they're not allowed to come to work, then paid them not to come to work, then paid them to come back to work, then begged them to come back to work... then fired them for refusing a mRNA shot.




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