I had morning coffee without you.  Sorry.

Random Non-Coffee Talk:  One of the tasks I had on the list for today was to do some freezer food prep I meant to do yesterday but never had time.  I started the task, then had to get the chili going so it could simmer for a couple hours.  It was during the chili making that I realized the container I thought held onions... was full of potatoes.

We had bought them a few weeks ago for meals while we were hosting out of state guests.  Then... forgot about them after the guests left.  Oops!  They were starting to get little eyes on them and it was time to use them up, pronto.   

But... we don't eat potatoes often. I decided I would freeze them for future use. 

You can't just cut up a potato and freeze it, as the water in the vegetable freezes, and when you try to use them later, the texture and structure is... awful.  They are grainy and crumbly.  You have to either blanch them or cook them first and the process depends on how you want to make them and use them.

I couldn't decide... blanch and dice for a cheesy casserole?  Hashbrowns? Chunks for stew later?

To help brainstorm I went online and did a general search for a list of ways to freeze potatoes.

This is where I just had to shake my head and think for the millionth time... how stupid people today are.  

Do you know what I found mentioned numerous times by articles and information written by people under the age of  about 30 or so?

That many of them were throwing potatoes away if they happened to have more than they would use.

Oh, I wish I were kidding.

Many of the food articles basically said something like "When you have too many potatoes, don't throw them away...." or "When you don't use up all your potatoes, don't just toss them out!  I used to do this all the time but I found out you can freeze them."  



Do. Not. Waste. Food.

First off, potatoes will last a LONG TIME if they are stored in a coolish, dark place, like a cupboard, but will store all winter long if they are in a cool, dark place like your basement or even a safe-from-vermin place in the garage.  If they start to sprout little eyes, you'll want to use them up... but NOT throw them out!  Why in the world would you waste food (and money) like that?

Cut off the eyes, cut them in chunks, blanch them in boiling water for a minute, plunge into ice water and then let them dry or pat with a paper towel and freeze those little buggers.  Or, do what I did; make mashed potatoes.  Make mashed potatoes using only butter, heavy cream and/or cream cheese - but no milk or water-based liquids like broth.  Let them cool, package them up and freeze them.  BOOM.  Instant mashed potatoes whenever you need them - simply by reheating them.

Strawberries going to go bad before you can use them?  Pop them into the freezer.
Peaches, mangoes, pineapple, etc.  Same.
Celery?  It will change in texture so you don't want to eat it with peanut butter, but dice them up, into the freeze they go, and use them for any soup, broth, etc. later. 
Green, yellow and red peppers - freeze those babies.  Same thing.  Dice, freeze and use for any cooked dish later on.

You can dry or freeze most any food and re-use it in other dishes but for pete's sake... don't throw out perfectly good food.