It's a good Wednesday because I haven't read any news, sites or social media yet! HA!


Good Wednesday Morning!

Thankfully, I don't have a whole lot to say this morning.  I haven't taken even one peek at any news yet, nor have I read any websites or blogs or... anything.

Life is grand before I actually have to deal with the world. 

Another little plus is that by 10:40 am the FedEx truck came.  The truck was a marked FedEx truck and not the 3rd part contracted drivers in a plain white box truck.  The delivery guy was dressed in a FedEx uniform instead of a ratty t-shirt and baggy saggy pants.  AND he was polite, well spoken, and was bringing my package up the drive instead of tossing it out into the street or leaving it propped up against the mailbox!!!  WOOWHOO!  First time in a couple years I've gotten this lucky with a FedEx delivery. 

To put a little cherry on the top of that?  All my items were in the box, the box was sealed shut and the order was correct.

I don't know what all aligned in the universe to make that happy, but I'll take it!



  Other Moms in their cute Fall outfits... and then there's me.