It's Just the Coffee Talking: amazon holiday gift guides, free GrubHub with Student Prime and 20% off Breville Coffee Makers.....


Good Morning!

Break time!  

Avoiding any talk of the state of the world, Covid, news and politics... I got nothin'.  LOL.

Sticking to coffee themed talk - I did happen to see Amazon has up to 20% off on Breville Coffee Makers right now, for anyone interested.

That's all I got for coffee talk though.

I saw other deals on unique Halloween Gifts & D├ęcor and they have some of their Christmas holiday guides out already....

The last Amazon special I'll post is for the college students that Prime Student memberships - they might be happy with a Grubhub offer that comes free with their Amazon Prime:  Get Grubhub+ Student free with your Prime Student membership 


Adverse reactions to the Covid Shot
as of 9/24/21

We are almost up to 16,000 deaths from the covid vaccine....