Pondering Over Coffee: Food, Electronic and Paper Good Shortages.... even tampons are in short supply in our area Target.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I thought I'd be here bright and early this morning... and I was, but then I clicked on a couple things to read and got sidetracked.  I had to do a few things, but here I am.

This morning, after reading a bit of the news, my focus went to the mess at the California ports, the cargo shipping containers floating in the ocean waiting for the manpower to unload them and then more manpower to truck them across the nation to the stores.  If you haven't read up on this huge mess (California shot mandates, Bidens free money making everyone prefer to stay home and not work, etc. coupled with the trucking industry similar issues and then of course all the same issues at the local levels in the retail stores that have no workers to unload the trucks and get the products to the shelves and then, cashier to check you out - because they are all staying HOME and getting unemployment and 'stimulus' checks.... seriously - it's a HUGE issue for retail companies to find workers right now)....

And where was I?


This week on the shelves of Target there was almost zero tampons.  A huge tampon shortage... no, I'm not joking.  2 boxes total on a huge 8 foot section.   And dry ice is national shortage right now.  And have you seen the price of underwear and socks?  I used to pay about $9.99 for a package of them at Walmart and 2 weeks ago I went to buy the same pack of socks, as well as the same package of t-shirt undershirts for Mr. Coffee and the socks were $16 and the t-shirts were $24.  

Now let's talk food. 
Every week there are "OUTS" and shortages at every store I shop at.  For a long time you couldn't find chicken at Sam's Club.  They couldn't get it for almost 2 weeks.  Now they have chicken in stock, but I've not seen salmon patties in a few months.  Shredded cheese was completely gone 2 weeks ago when one of my young adult kids was doing her shopping there. It's always hit or miss if I'll find heavy cream and half and half on the shelves... that's another item that is usually out.

The things they have in stock have risen in price so badly that about 1/4 of our regular items, I can't buy anymore.  Seafood is one of them - we eat low carb so we eat a lot of seafood, meat and poultry.  The 6 pk of crab cakes I would buy a few months ago for $14.98 were at $21 last weekend.  The salmon I used to buy has gone up by 50%.  The roasts are packaged in 2 at warehouses and the average price per pack was hovering around $48 last weekend.

This morning I read a major freeze-dried food company was ceasing taking orders on their website until January, 2022 because they can't get the raw materials.  They are taking the next 90 days to try to replenish so they can take online orders the first of the year.  (You can find their products yet at the stores that stock and re-sell them regularly like Amazon and Walmart, but you can't order direct from their site until they get more materials.)

I've been buying freeze fried foods for camping trips, road trips, and pantry storage for years and I've never, ever seen 'out of stock' like I've been seeing in the past 18 months.  And now they are warning we haven't seen anything yet; that by January of 2022 the food shortages will be worse, not better.

Auguson Farms Out of Stock

Auguson Farms out of stock warnings

Here's the deal with food storage of this style (freeze dried)  it provides peace of mind because if you have it... you have it.  And unlike fresh or frozen foods, it won't go bad.  

And if you don't use it in the next couple months, guess what?  Most of it has a 30 year shelf life.

30 years because it's freeze dried - no moisture - and sealed with oxygen absorbers in metal cans - so no oxygen.  Without moisture and oxygen the food is good for literally 25+ years if stored in a safe place.

Because I know how to cook well, and cook from scratch, I order a few entrees that are ready to go with just adding water (yep - JUST WATER) like one of our family favorites, the lasagna with meat sauce, but I invest in meat/protein items like Mountain House Diced Chicken or Ground Beef  because I can make any of a hundred different meals with items like that and the addition of other ingredients. 

This morning I decided to pick up some cans of Mountain House Beef Stew because again, you just add water and heat.  It already comes with the seasoning, beef and vegetables.  If we need or want it in the next 6 months - that's fine - but if not?  It's in the pantry for emergency (power outages, job loss, payday still a week away with no fresh veggies in the house, etc.)  and of course, what I love to use them for... CAMPING!   :)

Ok, I've got things to do and I've rambled about food shortages enough for now. 



.... it's just the coffee talking again.

Some items related to this morning's post... these are available through Amazon, which still has some decent prices if you can find them in stock. 
Mountain House Diced Beef 10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 Cans Per Case NEW!


I have seen Mountain House Ground Beef in #10 cans selling for $99 per can online in various places.  Just two years ago you could buy this same can for about $35.99.  This morning on their official site they were selling for $70 per can; although re-sellers are averaging about $85-95 per can.  Amazon had them still affordable as of this morning and this post but I can't say what the prices will be in a few weeks.

Mountain House Ground Beef 10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 Cans Per Case



Mountain House Beef Stew #10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 CANS per Case 




Mountain House Diced Chicken 10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 Cans Per Case NEW!