The latest 'shock and fear' fear push for Covid shots: To pregnant women - to scare them that they will die without it. But.... *Full context and hard numbers are essential*

The CDC is pushing for pregnant "people" to get the Covid shot because (wave your hands and scream this part hysterically...)  You have a 70% increased risk of death!  Only 31% of pregnant "people" have been 'vaccinated' against Covid!

(Nevermind the ridiculous pc 'pregnant people' instead of the correct 'pregnant women' obviously no one has informed the CDC you need a uterus to carry a child but anyway....)

The fear-mongering way to present statistics.... brought to you by the main stream media and the CDC.

Pregnant woman have about a .17% chance of dying from Covid.  That is less than 2 TENTH of a percent. (Almost zero)

Full context and hard numbers are essential.
Fully informed consent is your right.

Headlines like this are designed to emotionally manipulate, mislead, and terrify pregnant women.

Translation of the CDC warning:  You have a .1% chance of dying of Covid.  Not 1% but point one. One tenth of a percent.
And if you are symptomatic with Covid and pregnant you now have a .17% chance.  That is POINT ONE SEVEN percent. 


If you WANT a Covid mRNA shot that's your decision and there is nothing wrong with that - but to be tricked into it using fear mongering and skewing the way the numbers are presented is wrong.  The numbers matter in order to be fully informed.