WHY do plumbing and water issues always seem to happen after hours and on the weekends? LOL


About two hours ago I realized tonight would be a great night to take a hot shower and crawl into bed and read for a good 2 hours before sleep.  I was pretty excited.  

Ah, life happens when you make other plans.

I'm just going to skip to the chase... to the point where I couldn't find Mr. Coffee anywhere in the house, and I finally found him out in the garage, where I could also hear water dripping.

Standing on a (closed up) ladder, leaned up awkwardly against the water heater, and reaching up to the blue expansion pressure tank, he was attempting to put black tape over a pinhole.  A gushing pinhole. 

He was struggling to put a piece of tape over an actively leaking expansion tank.

After a few questions, I suggested we just call a plumber.  He didn't want to pay for a plumber.  Yet he knows nothing about water heaters, expansion tanks or... fixing leaks.

Better to call someone now than 2 hours from now when it's really late at night.  "No... just let me see if I can stop the water..."

"But.. then what?"   


I watched for a few more seconds.  Then I went upstairs.  I looked up expansion pressure tank leaks.  I was tired and in no mood to deal with this.

So... Then I looked up a plumber I recalled seeing advertised in this area. 
I went back downstairs.  It had been about 5 minutes.

The drip had now become a gusher. 

He was still on the ladder. The garage was flooding in that area.  F-words had been uttered.  The bucket balanced under the tank was above half full but only half the water was going in the bucket.  The other half drenching the drywall and floor below.  I got a second bucket.

There is a longer story here about finding the main valve to shut the water to the house off, and suggesting we turn the power off to the water heater after he couldn't find an on/off switch or even a vacation switch (I was still balancing on the awkwardly placed ladder and holding the bucket so I didn't look) and then trying to find the correct fuse switch because the original owners of the house did NOT mark them well.

The shorter story is that he has no idea how to fix leaks, much less anything about expansion tanks, plumbing or water heaters and the longer he waits, the later it's going to be when he figures out we are going to need to call a plumber. 

He said ok, well, would I go look for one online then?

Immediately I rattled off the phone number of the one I had found earlier.  LOL.

We called.  The cost was same if the plumber comes tonight or tomorrow, so Mr. Coffee told him to please come tonight.

The guy said they were finishing up another call nearby and would be here in about 35 minutes. 

Our job should only take about 35-40 minutes.  

But because of the weekend service fees and labor it's going to be a really, really expensive job.

WHY do plumbing and water issues always seem to happen after hours and on the weekends?  LOL

UPDATE:  they showed up early, had the parts on the truck, got it done and were gone in under 45 minutes. Worth it.