In the grand scheme of things it's a total "Not A Big Deal" at all... there are things that are so much more important in our lives and our world right now.

Hello Coffee Friends!

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Coffee Talk....  I know everyone of you are on the edge of your seats wondering what some of my updates are.  Well, as of around 6:00 am this morning I have a refund coming from the store for the Christmas gift that USPS takes no responsibility for losing.  (The business will have to apply for a refund from them as they are the seller).  (The USPS lost it IN their local, small, facility.  I'm thinking one of their employees is wearing a really cool designed and hard to find pair of capri-leggings this week and enjoying their electronic-touch finger winter gloves... all thanks to me.)

I also managed to get paid - thankfully the person I got through to with 'online chat' was quick to admit they knew it was an issue in their system and took care of it.  (Remember I tried to be proactive early and emailed support TWICE already to tell them I hadn't been paid yet and I suspected a glitch in the system... and they BLEW ME OFF.  Told me to 'wait until the end of the month' to see if I  receive it by then; and THEN try to contact them again). 

In the grand scheme of things it's a total "Not A Big Deal" at all... there are things that are so much more important in our lives and our world right now.  

But we all also know that when you are dealing with small and tiny things oneafteranotherafteranotherafteranother day after day, it can really get you down.  Especially now when we are all mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the crap of the last 2 years.   So I'm trying to 'roll with the punches' on all these little fires to put out every. single. day.  Because everyone else has little fires too. 

I now have 4 minutes before my "last alarm to hurry and make sure you are getting clothes on and doing your hair to rush out the door NOW" goes off.   And I'm still in my jammies so...  ya.



It's just the coffee talking again.......












Hello Coffee Friends!

I checked email to find the USPS has officially lost my package... a Christmas gift I had ordered. 

They can't find it so they have deemed my inquiry "RESOLVED" and suggest I start the process for a refund if the package was insured.

Can you imagine having a job like that?  You do a shit job, you do not do your job at ALL and you lose expensive, important items and then you have the ability to look around your office and say "Welp, we can't find it.  Sorry. We have nothing more to say about the matter. C-ya!"

Well, there are actually more things going on but I'm not going to sit and whine about it.  LOL.  Like I said, I'm in a pretty good mood so I just wanted to stop in to the Coffee Talking page and say HELLO FRIENDS!!!!




Antifa Member Who Attacked Republican Senator's Office Received Money From Democrats And Got His Ax Back From FBI
China Ramps Up Efforts To Contain COVID-19 Ahead Of Olympics—Even Kills Household Pets
Non-Binary Professor Who Tried To Normalize Pedophilia Has Resigned

The media is trying to manufacture more fear and panic about the new Omicron variant... which is actually very mild, short-lived and consists of... feeling very fatigued. That's it.

Greetings and good morning Coffee Friends!

Did you see the news headlines that mass media wants you to freak out about yet another 'strain' of the virus - and get more booster shots?  And New York's dizzy twit mayor already announced a state of emergency already?  The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!

Have you bothered to look up the REAL news about it?  Yeah, so this new version has "different" symptoms, but mild.  The symptoms being a faster heart rate and fatigue.

Fatigue.  For a few days and then they are fine.

Dr Angelique Coetzee noticed otherwise healthy patients showing unusual symptoms and worries how the new variant might hurt the elderly...

Dr Angelique Coetzee said she was first alerted to the possibility of a new variant when patients in her busy private practice in the capital Pretoria started to come in earlier this month with Covid-19 symptoms that did not make immediate sense.

They included young people of different backgrounds and ethnicities with intense fatigue and a six-year-old child with a very high pulse rate, she said. None suffered from a loss of taste or smell.

“Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” said Dr Coetzee, a GP for 33 years who chairs the South African Medical Association alongside running her practice.

On November 18, when four family members all tested positive for Covid-19 with complete exhaustion, she informed the country’s vaccine advisory committee.

She said, in total, about two dozen of her patients have tested positive for Covid-19 with symptoms of the new variant. They were mostly healthy men who turned up “feeling so tired”. 

“We had one very interesting case, a kid, about six years old, with a temperature and a very high pulse rate, and I wondered if I should admit her. But when I followed up two days later, she was so much better,” Dr Coetzee says.

Dr Coetzee, who was briefing other African medical associations on Saturday, made clear her patients were all healthy and she was worried the new variant could still hit older people – with co-morbidities such as diabetes or heart disease – much harder.

So the media is already starting to try to make a brand new "PANIC" among the throngs.  And politicians are already trying to see how they can use it to their advantage.  Of course big Pharma is rubbing their greedy little hands together with an evil twinkle in their eye and saying "yes, yes, by all means, get a fourth and fifth booster shot!"

For a version that makes you extremely tired for a couple days and then goes away.  

Side-note:  noted experts in the field have repeatedly said giving 'vaccine shots' and booster shots DURING an active 'pandemic' is absolutely the wrong thing to do as it CAUSES more variants as the virus keeps adapting; therefore it hinders the collective immunity we would have all had by now!  The variants will not 'end' until the shots causing everyone to make a spike protein of their own, on purpose ends.  The only people that will be healthy and immune are those without the 'shot' as we've built up natural immunity to the virus by natural recovery and/or natural immunity.

And how SHORT is the memory of the collective people?  Remember the ORIGINAL version?  Back in the winter of 2019 and spring of 2020?  There were many different versions of it and people got different versions of the original but the FATIGUE version with a hard-to-breathe dry, deep cough was one of them.

I know because THAT is the version I and my husband had.  From November 20-January 6th.  I had more of the fatigue than my husband did, but it was awful.  I had to take an entire day to recover from doing something as simple as vacuuming the living room. A walk from one room to another was enough for me. I was even exhausted if I had to talk too long (and couldn't finish a sentence without losing my breath and starting a 'brace-yourself-and-double-over hacking cough).  So, so, fatigued. It was surreal and weird.

But point is, this is yet ANOTHER MANUFACTURED PANDEMIC to keep the sheeple in fear and panic.  It's a MILD variant of deep fatigue and then... you're better.



New Mothers giving birth have to answer up to 100 questions of personal, private, health and sexual history in order to get a birth certificate for their new baby

Every day we are losing more of our rights and more of our privacy.  Because we are so conditioned to do so, many don't even question the invasion of privacy and assume they have to comply.  Even when the so-called 'authority' is merely the local health department and they've decided every new Mother giving birth has to answer their 100 question document vomit in order to get a birth certificate for your new baby.  

These include questions like what your INCOME is and HOW YOU ARE PAYING YOUR HOSPITAL BILL... (Absolutely invasive and has ZERO to do with your child's birth certificate!)  But wait... there are so many more crazy questions than those including NITTY GRITTY DETAILS of your childs birth that no one but you and your doctor need to know.  

How long were you having sexual intercourse without contraception before you got pregnant?

Or how much weight you gained, whether you were on WIC during your pregnancy, whether or not you took your vitamins (and if so, WHY NOT?), how long did it take you to get pregnant?  If you or the Dad traveled out of the state in the past 12 months (WTF?), if you had your teeth cleaned during pregnancy and more... much, much more - JUST SO YOU CAN GET YOUR NEW BABY'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


The ONLY thing the U.S.  government needs for the baby's Birth Certificate is usually the parents’ full names, the city, county and state of birth and the signature of a registrar.  

Sometimes a few more questions but nothing like new parents are being told they HAVE to disclose on the hospital forms - and then holding your baby's birth certificate hostage over it if you don't comply to their wishes.

Until last week I had no idea the INSANE number of questions AND insane questions new Moms are now being asked forced to answer.  When I had my last baby they were still using common sense and didn't have their power-hungry undies on and trying to force everyone to give up personal and private information. 

I learned this from someone I know who just had a baby and was talking about the long pages of forms, and how they were having to answer what position the baby was in before birth, how it was born, whether they needed 'help' with the birth etc. 

I was thinking "Um, I just had to fill out our names, address, my maiden name, the states we were born in and a few other innocuous questions.  

I wondered if it were just the state she lives in, but when I did a 2 second internet search, I realized there is a recent story a news station in Utah did on this very topic...  (more of my chit-chat below the article).

The first minutes and hours after a baby is born can be some of the most important when it comes to bonding, yet most states now require new moms to answer more than 100 questions — much of which are no ones business.


“....Estabrooke has three daughters and knows what to expect when it comes to childbirth — or so she thought.

In February of this year, she gave birth to her third daughter. Everything went as planned until she left surgical recovery after a planned C-section at the University of Utah Hospital.

Back in labor and delivery, she was handed a stack of paperwork marked “required.” The forms had a deadline of eight hours. The forms were stamped with official codes from the Utah Department of Health, and in no uncertain terms stated the forms would need to be complete in order to receive a birth certificate.

Estabrooke, who, like most moms, was exhausted and adjusting to the new life she held in her arms, wanted to focus on healing and bonding. The last thing she wanted to do was paperwork.

She said she tried to avoid filling out the form entitled “Parent’s Worksheet to Register Birth Information” until she “got through the recovery, but the nurse kept coming back in and insisting I needed to fill it out immediately.”

As the deadline loomed, Estabrooke dug in to what she saw as none of the state’s business.

The first minutes and hours after a baby is born can be some of the most important when it comes to bonding, yet the state of Utah requires new moms to answer more than 100 questions — often within eight hours of giving birth.

“It asks a lot of personal medical information about the mother, including, 'did you use infertility treatments; did you use a sperm donor? If you didn't take prenatal vitamins — why didn't you?'” she said.

The list of questions goes on.

Have you been tested for zika? Did you have your teeth cleaned while pregnant? What about your weight at delivery?

Some questions that gave her more pause than others included “a lot of questions about previous births and pregnancies.” She said that “can be traumatizing if you have had miscarriages or lost children.”

Bottom line, Estabrooke said it felt “invasive,” but more importantly, “none of the state’s business.”

Estabrooke said she wasn't happy about the barrage of questions at the time, but felt she had no choice. She put her baby down, filled out the forms and handed them over in the time required.

“The fine print is really clear: if you don’t fill it out completely and accurately, you will not get a birth certificate,” she said.

Not getting a birth certificate is not an option for anyone who’d like their child to have a social security number, go to school, eventually get a driver license or a passport. For that reason, the forms are always filled out, even, like Estabrooke, begrudgingly.

Flash forward eight months, and the fog of new motherhood is gone. Baby Catherine is close to crawling, and Estabrooke is long since back to work.

What hasn’t changed for her is the aggravation over the state’s handling of Catherine’s birth certificate.

Estabrooke, who moved to Utah in 2014 to lead the state’s USTAR team, went first to the governor’s office where she’d been hired. She wanted to know where all her personal information went and how it was used.

That was in May, and with no answers, she went to the Attorney General’s office in July and again in September, both times with no response.

Estabrooke said she called the University of Utah as well, which put her in touch with the Utah Department of Health. Once in contact with UDOH, she said she “either got no response or a lot of push back and pat on the head of, 'don't worry, we will take good care of your information.'”

That's when KUTV started making calls, in search of answers not just for Estabrooke, but for every new mom in the state.

The health departments communication’s director, Tom Hudachko, confirmed they did have a new mom reach out “with some concerns.”

KUTV 2News set up a meeting, and that’s when we were able to start getting Estabrooke answers.

The first minutes and hours after a baby is born can be some of the most important when it comes to bonding, yet the state of Utah requires new moms to answer more than 100 questions — often within eight hours of giving birth. (KUTV)

Hudachko admitted there were issues with the paperwork, saying, “as we worked through her concerns, we came to the realization that the wording on it was likely a little too strong, and most of the information, or some, is not actually required.”

The form given to every new mom in Utah clearly states "required," but state officials admit it is not.

Hudachko said most of the information collected is for research used to help inform public health interventions.

Estabrooke said she understands why the state would want the treasure trove of information. She has a PhD in neuroscience, and as a researcher, understands the value of a near constant flow of data.

That information, while valuable, is not collected with clear consent.

“A violation of scientific ethics,” Estabrooke said, something the scientist understands to be very important.

The state apparently agrees, telling KUTV they are ready to gut the form.

Hudachko said the state will go over the longer form certificate in the next month and clearly identify what is and isn’t required.

New forms will be sent to hospitals and birthing centers clearly marked with what is required by law to receive a birth certificate and what information will be used for research.

U.S. birth certificate requirements:

  • Issued by the city, county, or state of birth
  • Lists applicant’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth
  • Lists parent(s)’ full names
  • Has the signature of the city, county, or state registrar
  • Has the date filed with registrar's office (must be within one year of birth)
  • Has the seal of issuing authority

The state, Hudachko said, will start asking permission for the information as soon as December, making much of it optional and allowing more time for parents to answer.

“The last thing we want to do is introduce stress into that type of situation,” Hudachko said.

As for the time requirements, those will change as well. Currently, UDOH sends out the forms to hospitals with a blank box where the hospital, up until now, could put a time limit on when the form needs to be finished.

The University of Utah, where Estabrooke gave birth, had an eight-hour requirement when she was given the forms. The time limit was in bold on the first page.

University hospital officials told KUTV that the eight hours is not a policy or requirement.

Instead, they said the “guideline our teams follow is to have the mom fill out the form before the patient is discharged. The form that said 'eight hours' is apparently a holdover from years past, but it’s not specifically enforced.”

Enforced or not, new moms see the “eight-hour” deadline as just that — a deadline and requirement. New mothers see it to be both a law and enforceable. Neither appears to be true.

So, what is the state doing with all the information it’s already collected? Tuesday on 2News at 10 p.m., we look at years' worth of data collected by the state. Is it sold, and if so, to who? And can parents have their information stripped from the system?"




After I read the article I checked the follow up to see what the update was:    

 Tens of thousands of Utah moms are forced to fill out invasive forms hours after giving birth.

Thanks in part to a 2News investigation, the Utah Department of Health is changing the eight-page form with more than 100 questions.


".....Tom Hudachko with the Utah Department of Health said every new mom’s information is ultimately entered into a database at the health department. The data, he said, is governed by “strict statutes on who can access that information.”

Local, state and federal health agencies have access to the information, but that’s not all. Researchers can request the data collected from new mothers as well.

“If someone requests information to conduct a statistical analysis of a large group, we would release minimum information to fulfill the request,” Hudachko said. The state does not, however “release additional or identifiable information because it wouldn't be required.”

Estabrooke said she has proof that is not the case and worries who else her information may have been sold to.

She started getting emails asking for her to participate in a mental health study for new mothers. The email “said explicitly they got my information from the birth certificate filed, and that is an extreme violation of privacy.”

Hudachko said names and contact information are at times released when requested and needed for research. He said information from new moms is never sold, though the state does charge a fee for providing the information."

"....Hudachko explained that medical researchers who need contact information get it, but only after going through an "IRB," or institutional review board, which is standard in approving scientific studies.

State regulation would require review boards be held publicly — whether that is happening according to state code is not clear, nor is it clear if the information gathered should even be offered up for review.

Typically, when you release your personal information for a particular study, the release is not blanket permission for any and all research but would need to be signed off for each new project.

Hudachko said the state is working with attorneys now to clear up what new moms do need to answer in order to get a birth certificate. Likely, he said, the new questions would fall in line with what is required for a U.S. Birth Certificate. That would usually include parents’ full names, the city, county and state of birth and the signature of a registrar.

What UDOH won’t be doing is calling new moms.

While we don’t have the capacity to contact 50,000 birth moms every year, we will definitely by the end of the year be adding information to our website about this change and directing people to an email and phone number where, if they want their optional information removed from the data set, they can do that."

While the current birth certificate form has more than 100 questions, it has not always been this long. The state health department updates the from on a yearly basis and sent the following breakdown showing what questions have been added in recent years."


Added in 2016

  • Gestational surrogate checkbox
  • Father’s email address
  • E-cigarette questions
  • Treatment to keep baby from being born too early

Added in 2017

  • Mother tested for Zika
  • Father traveled outside of US in last 12 months
  • Father tested for Zika
  • Father’s signature

Added in 2018

  • Mother tested for HepB
  • Intended place of delivery
  • Mother transferred to hospital during labor but before delivery or within 24 hours of giving birth
  • Dental care during pregnancy

Added in 2019

  • Mother vitamins during pregnancy
  • Prenatal care provider/facility



Here are some random screenshots from various states health department/hospital forms from around the country (I chose at random).  You can find links to the actual forms below.


I know this is getting long so I'll just end it here even though I could really go on a pretty good rant and rave right about now... instead I will say that I did a few more quick, random internet checks and it seems that health departments all over the country, in almost all states received the same insane forms and are all just jumping on board the invasive-none-of-your-business train and....

Mother’s Worksheet for Child’s Birth Certificate (random states chosen and linked):

TEXAS:  (15 pages long!)






Morning Coffee... glanced at headline news and then went on to read the real news.

My "LAST ALARM TO HURRY AND GET READY AND RUSH OUT THE DOOR ON TIME" alarm is going off and has been going off for 4.5 minutes now so I guess I best get going.







Interesting reading while you sip your morning coffee........




"......Early on in the pandemic, Bill Gates was linked to the production of the deadly COVID virus because his foundations allegedly funded coronavirus research. Recently, the philanthropist and billionaire warned that COVID won't be the last viral threat that the world will face.

"COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic threat the world faces," Gates took to Twitter to share earlier this month. He also linked to an article containing his keynote remarks on how to end the current pandemic and prevent the next one. But critics are sounding the alarm on how Gates would possibly be the one to start the next pandemic himself.

According to The Blaze, Gates recently hinted that there may be a smallpox pandemic soon and it is a coincidence that vials of smallpox were found in a Merck lab in Pennsylvania. On November 4, Gates spoke to the U.K. parliament's Health and Social Care Select Committee and former U.K. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt during a Policy Exchange think tank interview.

In the interview, Gates remarked, "You say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? You know, how would the world respond to that? There's naturally caused epidemics and bioterrorism-caused epidemics that could even be way worse than what we experienced today."

Right now, there is no evidence that any terrorist organization is using smallpox to create chaos all over the world. However, this week Yahoo! News reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are looking into "questionable vials" labeled "smallpox" that were found in a freezer at a Merck facility just outside Philadelphia. An alert sent to the Department of Homeland Security heads on Tuesday night revealed this.

Up to 15 questionable vials were found, as per an unclassified "For Official Use Only" alert. Among the 15 vials, five were labeled "smallpox" and 10 were labeled as "vaccinia." These vials were immediately secured and a lockdown of the facility was undertaken. The investigations of the FBI and CDC remain ongoing.

"There is no indication that anyone has been exposed to the small number of frozen vials. The frozen vials labeled 'Smallpox' were incidentally discovered by a laboratory worker while cleaning out a freezer in a facility that conducts vaccine research in Pennsylvania," a CDC spokesperson confirmed. The spokesperson reassured that the vials' contents "appear intact" and that the laboratory worker who discovered them was wearing protective gear.

Critics are convinced that Gates is behind this because in 2010, he warned that the world was ushering in a new "decade of vaccines." Two years later, Moderna and NIH partner to create mRNA vaccines. The NIH also started funding coronavirus gain-of-function research, which many believe is the true source of the COVID pandemic.

Now, critics warn that Gates' comments on smallpox may be a hint of what's to come: a smallpox pandemic. The reason behind it is that they already have a cure, which would mean more government contracts with price tags of billions. This cure will not be something that needs a major investment into research, critics say, as it will be an on-patent drug that's similar to a readily available and cheaper drug, but repurposed and with a higher price tag.

In fact, the CDC on June 4 approved a smallpox drug called Tembexa (brincidofovir), because "there have been longstanding concerns that the virus that causes smallpox, the variola virus, could be used as a bioweapon." Note however that the FDA admitted in the approval letter that the agency did not conduct human trials for safety and instead used animal trials."




Asia and Africa account for 95% of plastic pollution in oceans.
Europe, North and South America and Australia account for 5%.


71% of Americans think the country's headed in the wrong direction.
The real question:  Who the 29% that think things are going well?

The only good news for Biden is that Kamala Harris' poll numbers are worse than his.





Stir Up Sunday.... Rouse up, we beesch thee! And stir up that Christmas pudding!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Today is the last Sunday of the liturgical year in the church - as we then start Advent.  It's also known as "Stir Up Sunday" which started with a biblical base as the first words for the text for the 24th Sunday (which is today) from the Book of Common Prayer (used by Anglicans and Catholics;

"Excita, quaesumus, Domine, tuorum fidelium voluntates: ut, divini operis fructum propensius exsequentes; pietatis tuae remedia maiora percipiant."
Translated:  "Rouse up, we beseech You, O Lord, the wills of Your faithful, that they, pursuing more earnestly the fruit of the divine work, may obtain the more greatly the remedies of Your mercy."

Rouse up being translated into Stir Up - and the reading for the Anglican Church today:

"Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

In England it takes on a secondary meaning as people used the text from church services also as a reminder to go home and 'Stir Up' the Christmas pudding that would need to set for a few weeks before being baked  and reheated for their Christmas celebrations.

I will not be stirring up a Christmas pudding today.

I do however, have good intentions of getting the lights on the Christmas tree that has been standing bare and patient since Thursday.  

The decorations will come easily after that but just getting started amidst the mess and chaos of boxes and Christmas decor - and strands of lights that worked perfectly when they were put away last year but will certainly have 1/3 of the strands not working today - has me procrastinating.

To be honest, it's probably the mess of the boxes and 'crap' that has me avoiding that room completely and of course, if I just DO IT, that would alleviate the problem completely.  Tree would be decorated and the boxes and Christmas paraphernalia put away and back in storage.  My room would be cleared, my brain would be uncluttered and I wouldn't have that dreaded task of decorating the tree hanging over me anymore.

Yes, I know this.  And yes I'll get started soon.

But first... coffee.



European Medicines Agency Records 30,551 Deaths And 1,163,356 Adverse Reactions From COVID-19 Vaccines


Similar to VAERS or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the European Medicines Agency is a drug reaction website that collects data on adverse reactions and deaths following administration of drugs and treatments.

It's worth noting that the CDC has been caught deleting the number of deaths recorded
in the VAERS earlier this year.

The data shown in the website and individual case report forms were sourced from EudraVigilance, which is described as a "system designed for collecting reports of suspected side effects, used for evaluating the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and monitoring their safety following their authorization in the European Economic Area (EEA)."

The information was submitted online to EudraVigilance by "national medicines regulatory authorities and by pharmaceutical companies that hold marketing authorisations (licences) for the medicines." The ADRreports website said that pharmaceutical companies that are authorized to market medicines and drug regulatory authorities in the EEA are "legally required to submit reports of suspected side effects to EudraVigilance," which include reports that they have received from healthcare professionals and patients.

- - 






It's Just the Coffee Talking: Florence Nightingales recipe for coffee for the troops (camp coffee for 100 men) and the use of it and other foods in the hospital

Good Morning...

This morning around 5:30 I was awake but not ready to get up so I was reading in bed instead.  I was ready to start a new book but didn't feel like delving into anything heavy.  Instead, I reached for a historic book from 1861.

The book is "Directions for Cooking By Troops, in Camp and Hospital" which was published by the order of the Surgeon General at the time and the essay was written by Florence Nightingale.  


"Directions for Cooking By Troops, in Camp and Hospital" which was published by the order of the Surgeon General at the time and the essay was written by Florence Nightingale.

The first thing I noted and chuckled a tiny bit over was the fact that the very first opening chapter of the book and the first first item of importance listed was... COFFEE for the troops!


"Directions for Cooking By Troops, in Camp and Hospital" which was published by the order of the Surgeon General at the time and the essay was written by Florence Nightingale.

Nightingale's directions in cooking in camp for coffee for 100 men involve 12 gallons of water into a suitable vessel over the fire, adding 3 lbs. coffee when it boils and mixing well then leaving on the fire a couple minutes, removing, and pouring in 1/2 gallon cold water.  Let it stand until the dregs subside; about 5 or 10 minutes, then pour off and add 6 lbs. sugar.  You can add milk (12 pints) but you diminish the water by the amount of milk you are adding.


For hospital use, Nighingale notes a few tidbids about coffee.  One of which is that a bit of coffee is good for those recovering, but not too much or it might interfere with their appetite or make them restless at night.  But also, quoted Lehman, who was quoting Dr. Christison that a bit of coffee is good for those with 'waste' issues as it will help diminish the waste in the body by one-fourth....

 "...Lehman, quoted by Dr. Christison, says that, among the well and active, "the infusion of 1 oz. of roasted coffee daily will diminish the waste going on in the body by one-fourth," and Dr. Christison adds that tea has the same property. Now this is actual experiment. Lehman weighs the man and finds the fact from his weight. It is not deduced from any "analysis" of food. All experience among the sick shows the same thing.[ 8]"
Florence Nightingale. Directions for Cooking by Troops, in Camp and Hospital / Prepared for the Army of Virginia, and published by order of the Surgeon General, with essays on "taking food," and "what food." (Kindle Locations 261-265). 

If you've read historical books in any form, even stories in which they've mentioned coffee-at-the-time even in passing, you'll note that people had to be careful of unscrupulous sellers and importers cutting the coffee with other cheaper ingredients - often, that ingredient was chicory, although many times ground up acorns, old coffee grounds, chickpeas or barley were added.  This started when coffee was scarce and things were added to make it 'go further' but it soon spread so much that intelligent housewives grew to find ways to test their coffee grounds to be sure they were not adulterated, or, as Florence Nightingale suggests, only purchase your coffee in berry form and grind it yourself to be sure you are getting real coffee. 

"...In making coffee, it is absolutely necessary to buy it in the berry and grind it at home. Otherwise you may reckon upon its containing a certain amount of chicory, at least. This is not a question of the taste, or of the wholesomeness of chicory. It is that chicory has nothing at all of the properties for which you give coffee. And therefore you may as well not give it."
Florence Nightingale. Directions for Cooking by Troops, in Camp and Hospital / Prepared for the Army of Virginia, and published by order of the Surgeon General, with essays on "taking food," and "what food." (Kindle Locations 312-315).

If you are interested in reading even more "About Coffee" another book of interest is available for free through Project Gutenberg ( which includes a lot of interesting tidbits on the history of coffee.

And although there is really, absolutely no reason for this post, it's just chit-chat while I sipped two cups of coffee and you know... it's just the coffee talking again anyway.









Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It may be chilly cold but I see the sun this morning... and that rarely happens here!  Somehow it made its way through the trees just for me. So needed today!

Coffee Talk:  I mentioned previously that I was happy to find the shelf of my local grocery had just been stocked with my favorite Donut Shop Peppermint Bark coffee last weekend and I was able to snag two boxes.  

Well, one of the boxes is almost gone already.  Normally a 'hot, strong and black' kind of girl; it's the only 'flavored' coffee I like, but I love it.  I've also discovered that in my quest to bring out the flavor without making it 'sweet' at all (because I generally hate all things sweet or sugary in the slightest) I add a few drops of vanilla extract to it and drink it otherwise black.  YUM.  The perfect blend of a Peppermint Vanilla without any sweetness to it.  

I got lucky to find the shelf stocked last weekend as it's usually (ok, always) sold out.  I know I can order it online through Amazon but I kind of like the thrill of the hunt as well to find it stocked locally.  I'm debating doing some errand running today - in which case I'd also be keeping my eye open for more Peppermint Bark in stock.  It can't be the Walmart brand... it can't be other brands... it can't be just any peppermint or holiday coffee.  I've tried so many.... and the Donut Shop Peppermint Bark is my favorite. 

The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Light Roast Coffee, 72 Count



The FDA wants until 2076 to have to release and disclose all the information on Pfizer's Covid vaccine...  fifty-five years from now before they would have to be transparent in this untested, deadly shot being given to the masses.



It's experimental. It's dangerous. It's untested (you thought it went through the same testing that all the other kids vaccinations went through?  NO IT DID NOT.  Because WE ARE THE TEST SUBJECTS RIGHT NOW. They didn't even finish all 3 of the initial short term tests on adults before rushing it through for 'emergency use only').


AND LOOK - another Pf*zer fat rat is taking the  money and running ... yet another 'retirement' after just 15 years at the company.

Our little ones need to see faces.
They need to see smiles, reactions, emotions... human emotions. It's a crucial part of their learning.


It's sad that this is even... a thing that needs to be said.
"Our future generations are going to need a president whose physical and intellectual capacity is never in serious doubt...."


Saw this on the back of a vehicles window and saw it as a popular meme this week....

Mentioned earlier in this post - available locally if you can find it - or you can order it from numerous sellers through my Amazon affiliate links....

The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee, Black, 12 K-Cup Pods, 4.1 Oz

Thomas Sowell (I've mentioned numerous times before) - such a treasture we have in this man.

One of this era's greatest economists, political philosophers, and prolific authors;


Thomas Sowell... on the facts and truth of slavery


Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World


FLASHBACK 20 YEARS AGO: And it hasn't gotten any better - conflict of interest between the CDC and FDA serves big pharma well.......

Making news for decades but it hasn't changed a bit... big pharma serves on the CDC Board, has direct ties, financial ties and backs (pays for) studies involving their own vaccines... this is just one of the many times it's been brought to light yet.... still happening today.

Flashback:  Congress hits FDA, CDC on vaccine conflicts of interest



A report issued Wednesday by Republican staff members of the House Government Committee concludes that "conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA and the CDC have been weak, enforcement has been lax, and [advisory] committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings."

In a 10 August letter, Government Committee Chairman Dan Burton (Republican-Indiana) called on Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Donna Shalala to implement reforms to crack down on conflicts of interest on the FDA and CDC committees.

One panel makes recommendations to the FDA on the approval of new vaccines, while the other advises the CDC on guidelines for the administration of vaccines.

The House committee staff report found that the majority of members of both committees have financial ties to vaccine manufacturers or hold patents on vaccines under development. 

The report focuses on the advisory committees' review of the controversial rotavirus vaccine in 1997 and 1998. The drug won unanimous votes of support in both committees.

But within one year, Wyeth Lederle's Rotashield vaccine was pulled from the market after it was linked to severe bowel obstructions in more than 100 infants.

According to the report, three out of the five full-time FDA advisory committee members who voted for the vaccine had financial ties to Wyeth Lederle or two companies developing rival rotavirus vaccines - Merck and SmithKline Beecham.

Four out of eight CDC advisory committee members who supported the vaccine had conflicts of interest because of connections with the same companies, according to the Congressional report.

The staff report concludes that the FDA and CDC advisory committees demonstrated "a lack of vigilance" in their review of the rotavirus vaccine, with the CDC's committee rushing to approve guidelines for the drug even before the FDA had licensed it.

In his letter to Shalala, Burton said: "It has become clear over the course of this investigation that the [FDA-CDC advisory panels] are dominated by individuals with close working relationships with the vaccine producers. This was never the intent of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which requires that a diversity of views be represented on advisory committees."

An FDA spokeswoman said the agency "goes out of its way" to make sure that members of its advisory committees are acting in an ethical manner. She also noted that there are few infectious disease experts, making crossover with the drug industry likely.




Good Morning!

This morning on my commute, roughly 5 out of every 10 cars coming from the opposite direction were crossing over the yellow line (into my lane) as usual.  

Because I have a 'research' kind of brain, about a year or so ago, I started to pay attention to the driving habits of people on my daily drive(s) and make note of consistencies.  Not so much as to make a scientific graph out of it or anything (I may get to that point but for now it's still just noting in my head and pondering it while I drive) but enough that I can tell you which days of the week and which 10 minute time frames fit the typical driving habits I see.   

For example, the drivers at 7:10 are different from drivers on the exact same area of road at 7:25 - and still different from the same driving habits of those traveling the same spot at say, 7:48.   

Also making a difference, the day of the week.  Tuesday at 7:19 am verses Thursday at 7:19 am.

Because I often end up fearing for my life, or at the very least, a smashed up car from the inattentive drivers on this particular road I have to travel, I invested in a dash cam last year.  When the approaching traffic, either from the front or back is too preoccupied with their cell phones, conversing with other passengers while looking at them instead of the road, or just aggressive driving and misjudging the sharp curves, sudden slow downs, other drivers and big trucks entering the road or the ever present trains and smack into me.... at least I'll have the evidence on camera. 

I bought my dash cam at Best Buy in 2020  (link) but if you prefer Amazon, they have a lot of different options of course as well: Front and Rear-Facing Camera Dash Cam












Good Morning Coffee Friends.... but I'm mumbling it.

I'm just wiped out this morning.  




Did you know....

After formal demand, the CDC concedes it does not have proof of a single instance of a naturally immune individual spreading the virus.

You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong.


In contrast, there are endless documents reflecting cases of vaccinated individuals becoming infected with and transmitting the virus to others.

The facts about natural immunity are simple. Every single peer-reviewed study has found that the natural immune has far greater than 99% protection from having COVID-19, and this immunity does not wane.

In contrast, the COVID-19 vaccine provides, at best, 95% protection, and this immunity wane rapidly.



The adult version of "head, shoulders, knees and toes" is "wallet, glasses, keys and phone... keys and phone!"

I just realized that when someone in their 20's talks about "old people" they are talking about us.

Kids haven't changed.
We've changed as adults.
We demand less of kids.  We expect less of kids.

Doctors have started to fight back...
And it's a tough fight. 

Patients should have access to the full array of safe and proven treatments for COVID.  Skilled doctors should be able to make decisions based on their medical training and their front line experience treating critical patients for the past year and a half. 



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