From Hero to Zero.... Pandemic Heroes Fired Under The Biden Administration


".... OSHA announced it will fine businesses up to $14,000 if they fail to comply with what the federal agency calls an “emergency temporary standard” that is being challenged in federal courts by dozens of plaintiffs across the nation ranging from businesses to state attorneys general.

President Biden’s mandate is on hold, at least temporarily, after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay over the Nov. 6 weekend and the federal government responded to the lawsuit in a court filing on Nov. 8.

American Family Association, the parent organization of American Family News, is one of numerous plaintiffs in the 5th Circuit lawsuit that are represented by First Liberty Institute. 

“Any mandate that forces us to compel our employees, our AFA family, to be vaccinated against their wills is one that would require us to violate our family’s sacred right of conscience,” Abraham Hamilton III, AFA general counsel, said. “That is something we cannot and will not do.”

In its response to the lawsuit, the U.S. Dept. of Justice said OSHA estimates 6,500 employees will be saved, and 250,000 hospitalizations prevented, if the “emergency temporary standard” wins over the lawsuits.

So many lawsuits have hit the federal courts that court documents suggest all of the legal cases will be combined and assigned to one federal court district, Fox Business, citing those court documents, reported in a Nov. 9 story."