Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It may be chilly cold but I see the sun this morning... and that rarely happens here!  Somehow it made its way through the trees just for me. So needed today!

Coffee Talk:  I mentioned previously that I was happy to find the shelf of my local grocery had just been stocked with my favorite Donut Shop Peppermint Bark coffee last weekend and I was able to snag two boxes.  

Well, one of the boxes is almost gone already.  Normally a 'hot, strong and black' kind of girl; it's the only 'flavored' coffee I like, but I love it.  I've also discovered that in my quest to bring out the flavor without making it 'sweet' at all (because I generally hate all things sweet or sugary in the slightest) I add a few drops of vanilla extract to it and drink it otherwise black.  YUM.  The perfect blend of a Peppermint Vanilla without any sweetness to it.  

I got lucky to find the shelf stocked last weekend as it's usually (ok, always) sold out.  I know I can order it online through Amazon but I kind of like the thrill of the hunt as well to find it stocked locally.  I'm debating doing some errand running today - in which case I'd also be keeping my eye open for more Peppermint Bark in stock.  It can't be the Walmart brand... it can't be other brands... it can't be just any peppermint or holiday coffee.  I've tried so many.... and the Donut Shop Peppermint Bark is my favorite. 

The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Light Roast Coffee, 72 Count



The FDA wants until 2076 to have to release and disclose all the information on Pfizer's Covid vaccine...  fifty-five years from now before they would have to be transparent in this untested, deadly shot being given to the masses.



It's experimental. It's dangerous. It's untested (you thought it went through the same testing that all the other kids vaccinations went through?  NO IT DID NOT.  Because WE ARE THE TEST SUBJECTS RIGHT NOW. They didn't even finish all 3 of the initial short term tests on adults before rushing it through for 'emergency use only').


AND LOOK - another Pf*zer fat rat is taking the  money and running ... yet another 'retirement' after just 15 years at the company.

Our little ones need to see faces.
They need to see smiles, reactions, emotions... human emotions. It's a crucial part of their learning.


It's sad that this is even... a thing that needs to be said.
"Our future generations are going to need a president whose physical and intellectual capacity is never in serious doubt...."


Saw this on the back of a vehicles window and saw it as a popular meme this week....

Mentioned earlier in this post - available locally if you can find it - or you can order it from numerous sellers through my Amazon affiliate links....

The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee, Black, 12 K-Cup Pods, 4.1 Oz