Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It's the weekend!  And I'm currently right on the threshold of deciding if I have time to sip another cup of coffee and type this, and then stay home this morning and browse online trying to get ideas for family Christmas gifts or..... hurry and get dressed and get ready and get out the door to do errands. 

Some of those errands would should include going to stores to look for some family Christmas gifts I suppose but I need groceries and household shopping to be done this weekend.  We do need some fresh items and baby items but honestly it's really pressing on me to continue to stock up the pantry and freezer a bit as the cost of groceries is going up, the food chain is still disrupted and only getting worse with Biden's vaccine mandate looming and people losing their jobs because they don't want to be part of a huge Pfizer test experiment.

... I'm watching the clock and it's already past the time I'd like to have left the house if I was doing a membership warehouse grocery trip (our main source of grocery shopping).  The crowds and traffic get ugly late morning.  Ahhhh what to do, what to do, what to do?  I have about 3-4 minutes to make up my mind.


Welcome to adulthood.  You get mad when they rearrange the grocery store now.