Good Morning!

Getting ready to rush to get dressed, throw some makeup on and head out the door, but I just finished the last of my coffee and realized I had about 3.5 minutes yet before my 'last call' alarm goes off.   So, here I am!

I wonder who is actually running our country... no, really.  Because it's not the creepy child-sniffer.  His brain is so far gone, there isn't much left, heck, he can't even walk alone.  

His daily schedules are available on their official website to see each day.
For the past two days his only task of the entire day is to get a briefing.  

That's it.  Biden will receive his daily briefing. 

This is the second day-in-a-row the president has had only a 20-minute meeting on his schedule.

  • 10:00 AM Receive Daily Briefing