Good Morning!

This morning on my commute, roughly 5 out of every 10 cars coming from the opposite direction were crossing over the yellow line (into my lane) as usual.  

Because I have a 'research' kind of brain, about a year or so ago, I started to pay attention to the driving habits of people on my daily drive(s) and make note of consistencies.  Not so much as to make a scientific graph out of it or anything (I may get to that point but for now it's still just noting in my head and pondering it while I drive) but enough that I can tell you which days of the week and which 10 minute time frames fit the typical driving habits I see.   

For example, the drivers at 7:10 are different from drivers on the exact same area of road at 7:25 - and still different from the same driving habits of those traveling the same spot at say, 7:48.   

Also making a difference, the day of the week.  Tuesday at 7:19 am verses Thursday at 7:19 am.

Because I often end up fearing for my life, or at the very least, a smashed up car from the inattentive drivers on this particular road I have to travel, I invested in a dash cam last year.  When the approaching traffic, either from the front or back is too preoccupied with their cell phones, conversing with other passengers while looking at them instead of the road, or just aggressive driving and misjudging the sharp curves, sudden slow downs, other drivers and big trucks entering the road or the ever present trains and smack into me.... at least I'll have the evidence on camera. 

I bought my dash cam at Best Buy in 2020  (link) but if you prefer Amazon, they have a lot of different options of course as well: Front and Rear-Facing Camera Dash Cam