".... It’s the highest inflation rate U.S. consumers have seen in more than 30 years."

Good Morning Friends... it's Thursday!

It's also Veteran's Day - honoring all those who have paid for our freedom by serving in the military.  (Even though our freedoms are literally be stripped away bit by bit almost every day... our ancestors would be furious if they could see things now!) 

I have many family members through the ages that served and were damaged in one way or another but as far as my family history knowledge goes back we never lost one one to death.  For that I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for all my family members who fought so bravely even when they were terrified; hurt, in pain, starving, lost in the jungles and those that contracted cancer and passed away too early from chemicals dumped on them during their time serving in the war.   And thankful for all the people I've never met, who've fought for our freedom, or to keep the freedom we had won previously, or to right the wrongs; and gave all they had.  Literally.


This morning I woke a bit earlier than normal and although so very tired, it's given me a more relaxing 30 minutes extra to not be quite as rushed working my way through morning emails, updates, etc. 


It's happening big time in the past 9 months since Dementia Joe took over leadership... well, being the mindless puppet for the ones who are controlling him from behind the curtain anyway.  And whoa... the cost of, well, everything!  And the shortages.  The empty shelves. The lack of employees and the incredible labor shortages.

We've chatted about the cost of groceries on coffee talking previously - briefly - when I was either going to or returned from the store, but this morning I saw this little blurb when I was reading the morning news: 

Inflation at the grocery store -  ".... It’s the highest inflation rate U.S. consumers have seen in more than 30 years."

Since 1990.  Thanks Creepy Joe and VP Whore-is.