It's Just the Coffee Talking: It's estimated that less than 1% of reactions to the shots are reported to VAERS - and - Why I probably should not go to Home Depot for paint today


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It's Monday!  There is much to be done, but first... coffee.  I think I'm on my 3rd cup this morning.  

It’s estimated that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported on VAERS...  which is pretty scary when you consider the 1% that ARE being reported are fairly high numbers of reactions, heart attacks, miscarriages and deaths, etc. due to the Covid shots.  

It's on my mind this morning because someone I know had her 2nd second shot on Friday and went into early labor the next night.  She had the baby this weekend and thankfully she was already at 37 weeks so the baby is ok.  But I feel horrible for the women giving birth or having blood clot issues  after their shot that are too early in the pregnancy for the little one to survive. So... that's on my mind.