It's Just the Coffee Talking: Random Chit Chat Over Coffee - Mr. Flirty Pants and my inability to go into a store for JUST 3 items and come out with JUST 3 items

Good Morning!

This morning I've made sure to not read any news headlines before coming here for morning 'chit-chat over coffee' so I'd still be in a good mood!  

Yesterday I ran errands and had a Mr. Flirty Pants approach me... four different times while I was grocery shopping.  


I am a polite and friendly person but in no way wanted to encourage him nor engage into banter or conversation.  I'm wearing my wedding ring. I was busy grocery shopping and continued to do so while he was throwing out come-on lines and compliments.  A polite small smile and 'thank you' the first time and then back to reaching for my grocery item.  A thank you and forced smile and looking away while I made a small answering remark the second.  A very small, forced smile without any eye contact and basically ignoring him the 3rd time.  And lastly, I saw him approaching again in my peripheral vision and kept looking down at my phone - refusing to look up from my grocery list and price scanner.  When he got into my personal space and commented something to the effect of "Well, we meet again..."  I replied dryly, "Yep. Every. Aisle."

It doesn't usually take 4 times to politely decline the attention of guys but I guess this one was persistent. Or just completely clueless. Thankfully the store got really, really busy and the aisles were packed, and I was heading to the last of them; tampons/pads, vitamins, etc. and I didn't see him anymore.