Oops.  Meant to get here this morning with coffee but I got the above "Sunday day of rest" meme posted and then... ironically I got preoccupied doing the 'rest' of the laundry, the 'rest' of the dishes, the 'rest' of the vacuuming and then inventory and list making for ingredients, cleaning out the cupboard... Sunday - day of rest indeed!

Mr. Coffee just left to get a haircut and I am here only because I have to look online for some specific icing decorator tips and other baking items I am short of and need to get.  This browser window was open and waiting for me.  Ha.

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday and it's not too much of a 'day of rest' for  you... (meaning of course hope you aren't doing the 'rest' of the cleaning, the 'rest' of the laundry and the 'rest' of the crap you didn't get done this week!)

Have a good day.... and good coffee.