Random Chit-Chat Over Coffee: Yesterday was a 'trial and error' kind of day....


Hello Coffee Friends!

This morning I am here before I read the news headlines (so I'm still in a good mood) and before I even have a task list ready for today (Saturday).  I thought I'd pop in with some random coffee talk and then get started on my day.

Yesterday was a day off and at home (alone) and I thought I'd get SO much accomplished but it was a day of errors and trials and time that flew by doing things I didn't anticipate doing. 

Example:  I got a text alert $ was being charged to my credit card... but I hadn't made a purchase.  And my husband hadn't either. I had the name of the company charging and it sounded familiar in a 'little bell' in the back of my mind kind of way so I had to spend about an hour and a half tracking down. (It was our security camera annual subscription - but a bit messed up as we pay the original company but they were bought out by another company and they are still 'separate' in account information, settings and billing - and haven't fixed some bumps in the process yet.)

Another unexpected thing to fix yesterday:  a Christmas delivery with an oops.  I ordered a couple Christmas gifts for people from a coffee company - two of which are their logo long sleeve t-shirts.  The package arrived yesterday and since it was so small and I was busy doing other things I almost just laid the unopened little bag in my closet where I'm keeping all the Christmas gifts as I buy them.   

But at the last second I opened it.  Good thing I did.

Oops.  I got one shirt with the Coffee Company logo but the second?  A Braves Championship t-shirt.

Apparently the Braves won something or other this year.  I'm not a sports fan AT ALL - not even a smidgen - and most of you know that from some of my coffee-chit-chat posts over the years.  :)

So I had to take a little bit of unexpected time to photograph it, and contact the company to let them know of the gaff and could I please get the coffee t-shirt instead? 

Tried a new recipe yesterday that I KNEW was not going to be good - I had a feeling from the start.  But since I already had the ingredients it in and I didn't want to waste food, I was hopeful the finished product would be "OK" so I baked it.

It wasn't. 

Regular readers know I like to keep a well-stocked pantry and freezer during these Biden-Times.  Groceries, gas, cost of everything is going up up up and stock on the shelves is going down down down.  I've been testing some pressure canning foods, testing other foods to see if they freeze well, etc.   This was a vegetable side dish using a food I know does NOT freeze well but some have said they've done it so I wanted to try.

It was not good.  I ended not being able to save it (wasted ingredients irk me) but it was good to try this out now, before I tried to put up more of this food in storage.  It would have been a waste of money, time, more ingredients and freezer space.

That's pretty much how all of yesterday went.

One failure or 'fix it' or trial with tons of 'wasted time' all day long.  Nothing major... but a lot of small things that added up and felt like a wasted day.


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