SNL thinks the slaughter of 60 million tiny babies is... funny?

 Mental illness. 


 The truth about abortion is not remotely funny.
Have you researched what is actually done?
How it's done?

What the baby looks like, how developed they are at each stage?
What the baby is doing and capable of at each weekly development stage?

It's not just a lump of cells.
It's a little human person... with a heart beat, moving their little fingers, waving their arms.
They swallow, they suck on their thumbs.  They have hiccups.
They respond to the sound of their Mom's voice because they know it so well; they've
literally been listening to it their whole existence.

To be an actor and take part in this skit is disgusting... I hope they are proud of themselves.
In the meantime I also wonder if they looked up the photos of babies who have been aborted;
by shoving scissors up into the back of their skulls and opened wide, or snipped to kill them.
To decapitate the babies and then rip off (literally) their arms and legs and pull out
the pieces one by one. 
Yes, by the way, it's been proven babies do feel pain in the womb.

But.. you know, apparently the actors on SNL think this is hilarious.