Your child, aged 1-14 has a higher chance of dying from cancer than from Covid.
Double the chance.

And yet parents want to give an experimental vaccine to little bitty children... not knowing what is in it, knowing that if their child has a serious reaction or dies from it, or they are harmed by being sterile or with blood clots or heart issues, the pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable.  

There are no long term studies done on the safety;  we ARE the long term study of this experimental vaccine that has been approved for 'emergency' use only.  And there clearly is no emergency, and the fact that we are up to the 4th 'needed' booster shot in a year for something that admittedly does not keep you from getting, spreading or dying from Covid...  Why are people doing it?

Worse than that... why are they excited to get their little 5 year old children vaccinated?

Your 5 year old child has more than 2 times as much of a chance of dying from cancer in the next year than Covid.

Almost 1200 children will die from cancer this year.  In one year.  Yet, since Covid started in 2020, almost two years ago - only about 600 have died - and those are from kids with other heath issues, respiratory issues, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.