Good Morning Coffee friends!

I have a zoom meeting call in a little bit so my mind is elsewhere, but I brewed coffee and came to the laptop in order to hopefully rest my brain.  Just kidding?  Because that NEVER happens.  My brain likes to be active at all times.  Never, ever a down time.

So, a cold is making its way around... but you have to give a new name in order to instill fear.  So they did.  If you are following the science, you wouldn't be fearful.  If you are following ONE scientist that has some ethics issues and financial gain from fear mongering then you'll probably be fearful.  We fear what we don't know.  So...  research.  REAL research. Not the sh*t being spoon fed to you in the media.  Dig a little deeper into medical journals, pubmed publishings and even the doctor who discovered the newest 'cold' virus as well as the Nobel prize winners that did the research  and discovered mRna and invented the experimental emergency jab they are now giving 4th doses of (because the first 3 don't work). 



I have a friend in New York with no less than I think 5 (?) immediate family members in the medical profession who absolutely calls this all out as bunk and fear mongering.  As a matter of fact she tracks the number of hospitalizations in her county and it ends up they are absolutely almost all 'vaccinated'.  The unvaccinated may be counted in the 'cases' because Lord knows they are testing everyone they can for anything in order to drive up the numbers (although the testing has been shown to result in huge numbers of false-positives AND it can't tell the difference between a cold, the flu or any of the so called variants.)  But those getting sick from the cold virus who end up in the hospital?

Predominantly vaccinated.  (Which remember; this isn't a vaccination by definition, it just started to be called that in the media and propaganda.  It's an experimental emergency mRna shot - but it's not a vaccination.)


NOTE:  how they word the fact that the largest percentage of hospitalized are vaccinated...oh wait... they didn't.  They simply say 6 are unvaccinated!
But... no mention of the larger number;  17 are fully vaccinated.

This is happening all over.  Check out the nurses in Ventura County California who are absolutely frustrated that not only is it just the vaccinated that are getting sick... but the overwhelming number of people with shot-related issues like heart attacks and blood clots are being COVERED UP BY THE DOCTORS THEY WORK FOR.   Look it up.

And it's not just the US.  Take a gander at some of the numbers around the world...  fully vaccinated getting sick.  Those who refused the experimental shots are not getting sick or just getting minor colds.

But in other news... BABIES!  
This was adorable.
Same pose with arms above head - in utero and out.