Good Morning!

Here... have a fancy dancy coffee this morning.

I've not chatted a whole lot lately (like I used to) and haven't bothered with many coffee product reviews either because... well, life. 

And...what can you say when the entire country you know and love is going to hell in a hand-basket under this leadership?   

So yes, lately has been mostly random memes and screenshots... not so much chit-chat.

I hope happy chit-chat comes back but in the meantime I'm busy just surviving.


I don't have a welcome mat at my house... because I'm not a liar.


The difference between deliveries by UPS, FedEx, USPS and Amazon....

Another month of rising prices under Biden...

Gas - up 58.1% from last year
Bacon - up 21%
Eggs, steak, propane, firewood, furniture, cars and trucks... COFFEE!!

Cities ran by Democrats are breaking their own records for crime...
(the typical death-cities like Chicago, etc. are already pros at it,
these are the newbies breaking their own records)