Ventura County, California nurses are raising awareness of the sudden increase in patients who are vaccinated against COVID experiencing heart problems, strokes, and blood clotting as doctors refuse to consider that these health issues may be linked to the COVID jab. Nurses are alarmed that many younger people are being admitted for strokes and heart attacks.

"We've been having a lot of younger people come in," an unnamed nurse who did not say which hospital she or he worked at told The Conejo Guardian. "We're seeing a lot of strokes, a lot of heart attacks."

The unnamed nurse said that there was a 38 year old female patient who suffered from occlusions or blockage of blood flow in her brain. The nurse shared that doctors were documenting everything and seeking out all possible illnesses except the possibility that the illlness was an adverse effect of the COVID vaccine.

The nurse lamented that one of the side effects of the COVID vaccine was thrombosis or clotting, which was exactly what the 38 year old woman was experiencing. The nurse said that the patient was "having strokes they can't explain. None of the doctors relates it to the vaccine. It's garbage. It's absolute garbage."

The unnamed nurse said she came forward because "I'm tired of all the B.S. that's going on. It's crazy how nobody questions anything anymore."

According to World Tribune, the California nurse said that despite seeing an increase in patients who have myocarditis, a known side effect of an mRNA COVID vaccine, doctors want to "downplay it, [saying] 'it's rare.' Doctors don't want to question it." The nurse linked the increase of myocarditis cases to the mass vaccinations occurring in the U.S. today.

The nurse attributed the increase in myocarditis patients to the "mass vaccinations," arguing that the link between the vaccinations and the sudden spike in myocarditis is a "red flag" that nobody wants to raise. She lamented, "They act like they don't have a reason, that it's spontaneous."

Meanwhile, another ICU nurse revealed that at the Ventura County hospital where she works, there had been an "overwhelming" number of critically ill people, but not because of COVID. The nurse said that the normal rate of aortic dissections were six to 10 annually but lately, they were witnessing up to six in the last month, which they believe are "very high rates of mortality."

The ICU nurse criticized the doctors at the hospital for refusing to recognize that the COVID vaccines may be the reason why patients are experiencing such health issues. She argued that while doctors go out of their way to suppress discussion on adverse side effects of the vaccine, they often encourage people to get vaccinated.

The nurse complained however that the COVID vaccine is "not really a vaccine. It's experimental" and should not be forced on anyone. She argued that there's too little data and that "there are risk associated with it."

The ICU nurse also blasted hospitals and workplaces for demanding to disclose one's vaccination status, arguing that patient data used to be private. Now, however, one's vaccination status is often talked about and those who are not vaccinated are shunned. She said that patients are being treated the same, being asked their vaccination status first and foremost.