It's Just the Coffee Talking Again.... never tell anyone the baby names you are considering and how in the world does Walmart think I have over 52,000 photos in my account?

Someone I know just had a baby girl... named her Claire. 

I used to love that name and wanted to use it for our 3rd child.  But you know when someone asks you what names you are considering for your unborn baby and you make the mistake of... answering them?

That.  Big mistake.

It was one of my brothers.  He asked what names we were considering.  I made the mistake of listing a couple.  When I said "Claire" he responded immediately, "That's a fat girl's name!"

You know?  The quote from the 80's cult classic "The Breakfast Club"?

Claire: What's your name? 

John: What's yours? 

Claire: Claire. 

John: Ka-Laire? 

 Claire: Claire. It's a family name.

John: No. It's a fat girl's name! 

Claire: I'm not fat.

John: Well not at present but I could see you really pushing maximum density! You see, I'm not sure if you know this, but there are two kinds of fat people. There's fat people that were born to be fat, and then there's fat people that were once thin but they became fat, so when you look at them you can sort of see that thin person inside!

He went on a bit, as brothers do.  It was a fat girls name.  A girl named Claire was really fat, with smeared bright red lipstick all over her mouth, and... blah blah blah.

He had a jolly time teasing me about the name. 

And even though he was joking, it did it's damage.  Once people make fun of a name you are considering for your baby, it does seem to lose some of the appeal it had.  You just can't 'unhear' what you've heard.

Not that we WOULD have named her Claire in any capacity in the long run (it was one of many we considered and my husband wasn't thrilled about the name anyway and it didn't really go with the rest of our family names, AND we liked about 4 or 5 other names better...)  BUT THE POINT of course is I couldn't really consider the name after my pesky little brother ruined it for me.  


Last night I got an email from Walmart's photo department warning me that if I didn't make a purchase by March of 2022 that all my photos would be deleted as they are not a 'permanent photo storage' site and I've not made a purchase in over 18 months.

Now, I've had a Walmart photo account for years...  I used it for photo books until I started to use a couple other companies more. 

I've used it for prints for memory boards at a wedding and a baby shower... I think I've made 2 photos books in the past 4-5 years and they were just short vacation themed books.

With that background, imagine my surprise when I read the email closer and read that I apparently have a whopping 52,000+ photos in my photo account. 

Hmmm.  I'm not even sure I've taken 52,000 photos in my lifetime.  That is not even remotely possible for me to have that many in a seldom used Walmart Photo account.

So I opened a new browser and went to my Walmart photo account.  (I didn't click any links from the email because I never ever click links in emails - just in case.)  I logged in and clicked on MY PHOTOS.

My photos go back 10 years and in that time I have about 3,000 photos.  And that is with some of them uploaded 2 or 3 different times as I would work on different project ideas at different times and re-upload the photo for that particular card, print or book.

I'm not really sure how my 3,000 photos add up to 52,400 photos in my account like Walmart's email claims.   I assume the email is legit as it comes to an email I don't use for much but it is the correct email for that account and it is in my name (not generic).  

Also interesting:  The 52,400 photos 'in my account' they say I have - I can't see them.

I clicked on ALL my albums/uploads and photos.  Total between ALL of them was my 3,000 number.  Assuming I've had my Walmart photo account since 2006, that would mean I'd have to take about 3,500 photos a YEAR and upload ALL OF THEM TO WALMART for 15 YEARS straight in order to reach 52,400 photos.

Which I certainly haven't.

So... it's a bit of a mystery to me.  But since I don't actually use Walmart for my photo needs for much and haven't in the past 5-6 years, I image I won't be making a purchase by March 2022 as they warn and then all my photos will be deleted.  And I won't care... because I obviously don't have 52,000 photos.








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