It's Just the Coffee Talking: All I'm trying to do is a simple weekly rental for vacation - WHY is this one company making it so dang difficult?


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm a little grumpy this morning... I admit.  It's in regards to trying to do a simple rental booking for our one-and-only vacation later this year.  

Should be easy but this year the VRBO listing isn't by the home owner, but a real estate company who lists some of their properties on VRBO.  They have been absolutely hellish to work with.

I'd just cancel the whole dang thing but I'd be out my $500 service fee with VRBO AND I'd have to try to find a new rental and in the 2 weeks that I've been dealing with this sh*tty real estate company, most all the rentals in that area in our price range and the bedrooms/locations/etc. that we need have almost all been snatched up.  

I've had zero confirmation they've even received our signed rental agreement. 
Zero communication about payment information and they've not charged the initial payment on our credit card yet even though it was 'due' December 29th.
They say they mail out a paper copy of the rental agreement immediately but we never got that either. 

Basically - other than the $500 VRBO service fee we are 'out' I have NO IDEA if they are dropping the ball on their end or what.  It's marked 'reserved' but if they don't take out the first payment (that is now 2 days overdue) then I think it's not official and they can claim they haven't received anything from us (even though I emailed the signed rental agreement to TWO of their emails just to cover my ass.  The one they communicate through AND the email they list in the rental agreement as the one to send the signed docs to).

I know it was Christmas and today is New Year's Eve so I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt to their shitty customer service and work ethic... but seriously, is it SO HARD to acknowledge you received the signed rental agreement or to charge the first payment on time to follow your own rental agreement payment dates? 

So I'm in limbo... not knowing for SURE that we have the rental in place - as I watch all the other rentals in that area get booked up quickly.  

NEVER AGAIN will I book a property through a real estate/rental company.  I love VRBO but I prefer to book directly through the homeowners.

(Tiny print:  this is a legit and well known company in that area; they've been in business for 30 years and are a 'family' run; the kids and now grandkids all work there.  But apparently actually, you know, WORKING is something they don't do.  They just screw around and get paid for it. They have crazy, detailed and unbelievable rental agreements - which I'll post more about later perhaps as some of the details them make me roll my eyes and say 'what the fuck is your problem?' but FIRST let's see if they open and confirm that they received the damn documents and charge the first payment to reserve it as they should have done 2 days ago.....)