It's Just the Coffee Talking: Are you a taker-downer or a leaver-upper? (How soon do YOU take down your Christmas decorations?)


Good Morning - salutations - greetings, friends-

Are you a taker-downer or a leaver-upper?

The only Christmas left in our home this morning is a couple trays of Christmas cookies in the freezer.  Those however, are going to their homes tomorrow (the office break room). 

Yes, all the Christmas 'everything' came down yesterday and... it feels good.  Oh, it sucked to take it all down and get it packed away, but the clean, uncluttered feel and look of my home again is nice.   My brain functions better when there isn't clutter around it.

I'm drinking hot, strong, bold and black coffee this morning... brewed at a 6 oz. size.  I think I'm on cup number 3. 

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