It's Just the Coffee Talking: rambling about the $40K in deliveries the FedEx guy trashed (and some links to super cute COFFEE THEMED PAJAMAS for women including Pajamagrams!)

Very fitting:   This little image is me, peeping over my coffee cup wondering what in the heck life is going to hand me today.  Every day for the past 1 1/2 weeks I've had something come out of the blue and smack me up side the head, or sock me in the stomach.

Doesn't life know it's almost Christmas time and I should be concentrating on making cookies, wrapping gifts and preparing for family to visit for the holiday?

Nope.  So, I'm pretty much just sitting here every morning, sipping a cup of coffee, deep in thought and wondering what LIFE is going to hand me today.  

But... on to some coffee chit-chat and rambling over my morning cup of caffeine....

Because I never got around to coffee themed Christmas gifts, I wanted to add a few more this morning even though it's getting pretty late to be ordering gifts online.  The GOOD thing is that although most stores can't get them to you in time, Amazon is still really good at it since they use their own delivery drivers and don't count on FedEx and UPS.  So...  still time to order and get them in time for Christmas!

My brain immediately went to comfy pajamas... so that is what my links are to.

Speaking of deliveries - if you were watching the news over the past couple weeks you may have seen that FedEx was FINALLY CAUGHT DUMPING DELIVERIES.  Something everyone has been telling them for the past 2 years and they denied.  

All the lost packages and they never took responsibility for and instead (I know from experience and POSTED ABOUT IT MORE THAN A FEW TIMES and even posted PHOTOS of some of the items I saw dumped in the area where I live) you end up talking to a non-English speaking customer service agent, so you get NO customer service.  

They also tell you "it says it was delivered and left on or at... blah blah"  and they tell you the 22 year old thug they hired as a contracted driver marked the paperwork as "delivered to the front porch" when you don't have a front porch.  Or marked the delivery in their system "left at front door" when you have a security camera that clearly shows NO ONE came to your front door that day.

But as soon as they tell you it's marked delivered in their system... you are ON YOUR OWN.  Their responsibility ended.  Now you are either out of luck and out of money or you have to contact the person sending or selling the package and see what you can work out.

I know people who have had their MEDICATION and other items fake-delivered.  

Anyway, the point is, I saw the news story and the 22 year old driver had dumped packages down a ravine at least 6 times.  Authorities were able to figure out names and addresses of $15,000 worth of items to get to the correct owners but $24,000 worth weren't able to be deciphered from the damaged boxes and labels.

Why am I rambling about this?

Because as crappy as this situation is for all involved, at least it FINALLY CAME TO LIGHT.  And hopefully it scared a few of the contracted drivers into actually being a little more honest since the guy that did this 'big' dump is being charged for it.  Granted, his lawyer is trying to get him off by saying he was overwhelmed at the time because of a death in his extended family.....  hmm.  What that has to do with him stealing over $40K worth of delivery packages and dumping them I don't know... but you know lawyers and court systems these days so......

Ok.  I really loved typing a tiny little coffee-fueled rant because it got my brain busy thinking about stuff other than life, I do need to actually ponder real life now and get a game plan in place for this morning.

Thanks for popping in dear coffee friends.....  

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