Omicron is spreading around the world. Remember: The unvaccinated aren't traveling around the world.

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

No matter how many times in life I've heard the old adage; "Death comes in threes" I never really think about it.  Until I do.  Even though it's a superstition, it does seem to ring true, doesn't it?

Yes, we've had the triple play death pass happen again.  2 were older, one was not.  All had health issues and all were 'expected' to happen within the past year.  But in triplicate none the less.  

The thought that brought this topic up for a brief mention over morning coffee is the fact that I do tend to try to keep sympathy cards on hand at the house so I don't have to run out and find one when the need arises.  But here's the dumb thing I do:  I usually only pick up one or two.  I never ever think about the fact that death tends to come in threes - until it does.  And sure enough, this weekend I mailed out sympathy card number two... but then I got the word; I need one more.  

Because of course I do.  

I know death tends to come in threes so WHY do I only buy one or two sympathy cards at a time?  Duh.  This time, I'm going to make sure I have three on hand.




 Ponder over Coffee:

When people do their own research before purchasing a car or home, they're considered 'smart consumers', but when they research what's being injected into their bodies, they're suddenly 'conspiracy theorists'."




Omicron is spreading around the world.
The unvaccinated aren't traveling around the world.  So...
Either this is a lie OR... the vaxxed are getting sicker around the world... OR it's the vaccinated spreading this type of 'Covid' around the world.

Ponder wisely.

Germany - the photo shows out the 'jabbed' and 'unjabbed' are  separated with a fence... in a supermarket.

Home security circa 1964.