Ponder over coffee....

Reading through some social media posts I realize that many (most?) people have NO IDEA of the actual very, very low rates for dying from Covid.  The media likes to play up any death they can track down and try to use it as click bait to gain clicks and revenue.  Never mind the billion people who get it and have little more than a cold or a couple days of the flu and then recover and have natural immunity.

So... from the official CDC website here is a quick screen grab of the CASES by age-group and the deaths by age-groups.

The reason I hate the whole  'cases' count is basically it's like trying to report and make drama out of testing for the common cold.  Headlines might scream the number of cases but cases do not matter.   Serious illness or death matters... in which there are few.  CERTAINLY not worth the mandates, firings, the forced jabs, the CONCENTRATION CAMPS Australia and a couple other countries are forcing people into.

Seriously.  The average chance of dying from the Covid flu virus?  Less than .1% and that's even assuming you beat the averages to even catch it in the first place and that you have an underlying health issue, are obese, are elderly, have asthma, etc.