What I did didn't do on my Christmas Vacation.....

This morning as I sipped my hot coffee and pondered if I had anything I could chat about on It's Just the Coffee Talking, I had the little 'essay theme' from a typical elementary school childhood writing assignment go through my head;  "What I did on my Christmas Vacation".

We would all hunker down and carefully compose a one page essay about our Christmas vacation (or summer vacation or whatever the topic was at that time).  This year however, my essay would be filled with what I didn't do.

What I didn't do on my Christmas Vacation.... almost anything and everything that I normally do. 
The end.

December has been quite the month for us.  Luckily God gave me a nudge to prepare for it even before I knew what I was doing.  Last month I had finished our regular bi-weekly grocery shopping when I felt compelled (?) to go back out 2 days later for a 'holiday' grocery baking and grocery shopping trip. 

I didn't know for sure how many family members would be making it from out of state and I had no idea what meals I would be serving; but I felt the overwhelming need to shop for the ingredients I thought I'd want on hand and I could come up with a menu later. I even ended up picking up the things I planned to get at the very last minute like the meat and cheeses for the cheese tray, a gallon of milk, etc.

I even asked myself why I was buying these so early?  And myself argued that I needed to do it that day and everything would store just fine.  You'll see.  (And it did.)

I was compelled to start and finish my Christmas shopping in October/early November.
I felt overwhelmingly of some completely random items I needed/should order online that were health and medical related but not needed, like an arm sling (? whattheheckwouldineedthatfor? But I did.)
I got some of my list of cookies and goodies done a week earlier than I was going to but, again, 'compelled'. (And they were the only ones I managed to get done.)
The groceries were bought.  Fresh sheets on the guest beds.
I felt compelled to hurry and box up the 'out of state' extended family members gifts and get them mailed early.  

Things like that.

I did them - because when I tried to put it off, I found myself constantly thinking I needed to, and I'd get antsy and it would bother me. Big time.  As in - I couldn't concentrate on other things because this was a little bell ringing in the back of my brain until I did it.

I even went out of my way to fill up the car tank with gas because I needed to - even though I argued it was 'out of my way' and I had a sleepy toddler in the car with me and I really just wanted to turn into our neighborhood and go home and get him down for his nap.

All things worked together as they should have though.

I needed that gas.  I needed those groceries. I got no other time to shop for gifts, groceries, or mail the gifts I did that day I felt compelled to do it.

Life went insane the second week of December and it's still a whirlwind.


I felt compelled to do some things early and 'prepare' so I did.  And the things I did were just right.
And all the things I thought I might do, wanted to do, planned to do, hoped to do... didn't happen.
And that was alright too.