When you realize 2022 is pronounced... 2020 too; and my all time favorite artwork featuring Mary - the mother of Jesus


When you realize 2022 is pronounced... 2020 too.

Good Morning coffee friends!

A FULL day ahead of me so I'm here, gulping a bit of coffee quickly and then... oh my.  It's going to be 'a day'.  

CHRISTMAS ART CHAT:  I wanted to post one of my favorite religious artworks.  

I don't have time to go into details as I LITERALLY should have hit 'publish' a minute ago and been on my way out the door soon BUT I wanted a new COFFEE TALKING post up before I left and to say good morning.

LOVE this one.

It's the baby Jesus and his cousin John.  Reminds me of two of our own family members - but what I really love in this one is Mary.  She is so relatable in this I think!  As a Mom, I can see myself in her.  Holding the little one, watching over while the older little toddler cousin snuggles his little baby cousin.  Watching close and probably thinking or saying what WE Moms do today "... be gentle...."  or "aww, you love your baby cousin" or other such chitter-chatter.

And her foot!  Look at her crossed legs and her ankle and foot.  I don't know why, but that and the look on Mary's face is what drew me to this particular work of art long ago and I've loved it ever since.  Instead of being posed and prim as she is portrayed in most art, in this one... she is a Mom.  I love that.


I saw this posted on a public account on Instagram last week and LOVED IT.
I think they said the artist was named Jane something - I'm sorry I don't recall her last name.

Look closely... soooo so awesome.

 I'm late!!!!  More later tonight perhaps.