7 year old suffers stroke and brain hemorrhage after Pfizer jab.....

Current VAERS Covid vaccine adverse reactions and side-effects
current as of November 26, 2021....
These are just the REPORTED ones - which are possibly only 10% of the actual numbers.
Many healthcare workers in states like NY have gone public blowing the whistle that their
administration has warned them to STOP REPORTING adverse reactions to VAERS and not tell anyone....

20K deaths
100K hospitalizations
100K urgent care visits
145K doctors office visits
8K anaphylaxis events
12K got Bell's Palsy
3K miscarriages
10K heart attacks
15K heart issues
32K permanently disabled

AND the drug makers and the government cannot be held responsible - in other words, you are NOT allowed to sue the makers of the shots when anything happens to you or a loved one.

Reuters chairman is a Pfizer investor and Board Member....  serious conflict of interest but it explains a few things when you know it.

Natural immunity from Omicron without risk of serious illness....

A manufactured pandemic... and unvaccinated areas are dropping in cases while highly vacced are surging