Countries who have officially adopted Ivermectin as a form of early treatment for Covid have hardly any deaths while the countries who refuse to allow it to be used have deaths.... hmmm



This afternoon I was reading a news story about yet another family (and their doctor) who have a family member in the hospital with Covid, on a ventilator - and the hospital won't allow the doctor to treat the patient with Ivermectin.   This poor man is 70 years old and has been on a ventilator for 28 days and the hospital is content to do NOTHING but literally just leave him lay there on a ventilator and try nothing else.  The man is going to die and yet they will not allow the doctor to even try Ivermectin or other drugs that have shown time and time again to work.   They went to court and they lost.  They have to watch their family member die in Mayo rather than try to save him.

Now, granted, Ivermectin, the tests ran thus far, seems to work when taken early, so who knows if it would help a month in already.  Probably not, as the healthcare employees know;  once you go on a ventilator for it, more than likely the only way you'll come off is when you are dead.  The damage from the ventilator is done.  However;  treated early with Ivermectin, people have little to no symptoms, or they a 1 or 2 day mild illness and over.

After I read the latest news story of the family fighting in court to try to save their loved one from a headstrong, un-relenting medical hospital that 'won't follow the science' but instead follows one Scientist who is making bank on this fake pandemic over a cold.... I looked up the countries that have officially adopted Ivermectin as a form of early treatment.


Since Egypt was listsed, I looked up how many new deaths from Covid they've had in the past 7 days.



What about Bangladesh?

But first... let's look at their population (since I'm going to be comparing this to the US in a minute).
161,376,708 people.
And how many deaths from Covid in the last 7 days?
Six.  Yes...  6.  


India just crossed 1.41 billion.  Billion.
315 deaths in the past 7 days from Covid. 


Now, let's look at the USA.  Where the lawmakers and big Pharma hotshots are making billions of dollars on investments in the companies making the shots and boosters;  and doing everything possible to spread propaganda, bullying and misuse of information and facts to keep people from using the cheap (almost free) medicine that has been shown over and over to WORK to cure people of Covid.
USA - 330,149,796 population with 2561 new deaths last week.
Yet countries with a much larger population than us, worse health systems than us and much lower standards of living than us... are NOT dying of Covid.  Because they allow their people to do early treatment with Ivermectin.
As a matter of fact, India sent out little 'home treatment Covid kit' to their citizens that included Ivermectin.  300 deaths in one-and-a-half billion people.  Most of which are people who are quite unhealthy to begin with with serious health issues.
Money.  USA doesn't allow the use of medication that is cheap or free because the lawmakers in Washington DC with stocks in the company (all the way up to the top), big pharma and most of the heads at the major news studios are making too much money to let this cash cow die.  Pfizer made over a trillion dollars last year.