Good morning friends!

Today I'm off my normal schedule as I'll be heading to an appointment with a family member... and hanging out in a waiting area for about 2 hours.  

Unless I'm not allowed in. 
It's getting dicey again with who is allowed to accompany family members to appointments and such.

We'll see if I make it into the appointment today or not. I have the 3 ring binder, all the information, the notes, the appointments, the questions, the maps and the directions on where to go once in the building.  My family member may be wandering around, lost for 2 hours if they have to go it alone. 

"Go to the elevators, go to the 2nd floor.  Go through the long walkway.  Go into the main building.  Go all the way down the long, long hall.  Then go left.  Go to the elevators there.  Now go to the basement level.  Exit.  Now go....."

It's like a treasure hunt!  But with a treasure you really don't want at the end.  :)