Good Morning...

Glancing at the news I can't help but almost rolls my eyes. 

I see screaming headlines about the hospitalization of people with Covid.  BUT what they either conveniently leave out or hide in some random, obscure little tiny sentence near the end of the misleading news story is that most of the people in the hospital are there for completely other reasons and health issues... but then test positive for having the cold/flu virus they've named covid.    They are NOT THERE BECAUSE of the virus... they are there for other reasons and THEN test positive.  Even if they have no symptoms...  note the over-use of the word "positive cases" but you almost never ever ever see that anyone has serious complications or dies from it.  

That doesn't fit the narrative though so the headlines, the stories and the cherry-picked 'experts' the main media channels are featuring to boost their audience numbers, ratings and therefore, their revenue are misleading and skewed.

This latest mild, non-issue version of it is the one everyone SHOULD be getting because it's so mild or even asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms at all) this is the chance for herd immunity and an end to this false pandemic.  But wait... that would literally take billions of dollars out of the stock portfolio's of the lawmakers in Washington DC that have bought up scores of shares in big pharma....  LOL.  

Ponder this and more (and please... for the love of God start doing some real research...) over coffee.


That vacation rental reservation I made is STILL in the 'pending' cancellation under VRBO.  And until they officially hit the 'cancel' button on their end, my $500 in VRBO service fees are sitting un-refunded.  Never mind I had to pay the new service of $600 for the new rental.  So... the math on that is that VRBO has over $1000 of my money in service fees.   Contacting them has been a whole other post in itself.  Let's just say they are not the friendly, easy to work with company they like to pretend and advertise they are.

And the shitty real estate company that listed the property on VRBO and then basically hasn't communicated except by phone one time (so there was no 'paper' copy on file through emails or messages on VRBO) - I might call them out for being shitheads in the future but not until I get this rental officially cancelled and get my money back first.


Man... these two little coffee talking topics make it sound like I'm in a grumpy mood... ha!  I'm not though!  Funny how when you type things out on your blog you can't really judge how people will read it or how it comes off.  When I typed this I was 'saying' it in a "Can you believe this? HA!"  type voice....  and shaking my head and even smiling at parts.  So... read it like that.  Not like I'm angry or ranting.  LOL.