Hospital beds were impossible to get BEFORE we started to name the cold viruses Covid, Delta, etc. - Don't try to blame it on that.

Good Morning!


I don't think I even made it here yesterday?  Life. 

This morning I glanced over some news headlines while sipping the first cup of coffee.  I just shake my head at something that once you 'see' you can't 'unsee' - it's the WAY news headlines and articles are written to carefully change the facts (or leave them out completely).   Yellow Journalism is alive and well...  pushing a narrative.

One of the first things is that almost no one dies from Covid viruses anymore.  So the news has to search hard to find mention of someone who DID pass away from it and then try to make a big headline out of it - and oh, the glee if they can say they were unvaccinated!  LOL.  Seriously... it's pathetic.  The happiness and glee in which they try to push that little fact; meanwhile, the latest figures show that the majority of people getting Covid are vaccinated.  And those hospitalized right now?  Same - The majority have participated in the experimental shots.  But the news bypasses any of the stories or people that don't fit their narrative and tries to find the one that didn't get the experimental jabs.

The other thing that has bugged me big time and is still a pet peeve is the news will make a big push for how packed the hospitals are - blaming it on Covid.  However if you read the wording (SERIOUSLY - PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORDING AND HOW IT'S PHRASED) - the people are hospitalized for OTHER issues and then they 'test' positive.  They aren't actually hospitalized BECAUSE of Covid - but are testing positive AFTER they are there.  Sometimes they are positive when they come but many are testing positive after they catch it IN the hospital.

So saying people are 'testing positive' means nothing.  It's as if you were testing for a common cold virus but then twisting your wording to say the hospitals are full of people with colds.  So catching a version of the Covid virus and testing IN the hospital is lumped together with anyone in the hospital who already had it.  And you might be there for a shattered leg or brain surgery or a kidney issue... but not because of Covid. 

Another issue with that side topic?  The "hospitals are FULL and have no beds left!" misleading headlines.  It's NOT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE TESTING POSITIVE WITH A COLD/FLU VIRUS NO MATTER WHAT YOU CALL IT.

Hospital beds were impossible to get BEFORE we started to name the cold viruses Covid, Delta, etc.

A year before the Covid flu rushed around the world our family member had a serious surgery.  He was stuck in what they call 'recovery' waiting on an available bed for hours and hours.  He literally was laying on a rock hard, uncomfortable table 'bed' wheeled from the surgical wing - after a long, very detailed and intense  surgery in which they rebuilt a portion of his spine.  The recovery room is a big open space with sheets hung between beds, patients lined up like sardines and zero privacy.

His recovery 'nurse' fought like HELL to find a bed.  In hospitals, beds go like hot-cakes.  Nurses fight tooth and nail to grab one.  They call 'dibs' on rooms 'upstairs' the second they hear someone MIGHT be released within the next 2 hours.  They then scramble to fight with each other over who gets the room; tensions are tight as they wait for that person to be released and then for the room to be 'rushed' cleaned for the next patient.

After 6 hours - and me literally on my cell phone looking up the names of the CEO, the big wigs and the entire hospital board of directors and starting to look up their names on Google to find phone numbers and email addys in order to literally start CALLING THEM PERSONALLY TO GET THIS FAMILY MEMBER A BED... we finally 'won' one of the sparring fights between nurses to find him a bed.

At 9:00 pm we were finally able to get this guy out of the open room, sheets hanging from the ceiling recovery space and off that horrible table and into a bed.  

Rooms at most large hospitals in most cities are ALREADY FULL and have been that way for years.  Covid positive 'tests' changed nothing.  And are not to blame.

But you have to read the wording of the news headlines carefully to realize this is true because they try to make it SOUND like the beds are filled BECAUSE of Covid patients - and even happier if they can find ONE out of  every 13 that were never vaccinated... and then try to twist the wording as if that was the reason.

Nope.  It's not.  Liar liar pants on fire.

Now... I'm 3 minutes late.  LOL.  No time to read over what I just typed as I sipped my coffee and typed quickly.  I probably rambled a bit.  

Meh.  It's just the coffee talking again.