It's Just the Coffee Talking Again: Amazon not supporting quick links anymore as of this month and... whatever else my Chai Tea leads me to chat about


Hello and Good Morning!
I've taken SO LONG to get here that it's no longer the coffee talking... it's now the chai tea talking.

This morning when I woke up I was wondering if I should take this 'day off' to get myself to the grocery store for some pantry and freezer items. I decided I didn't want to spend money so staying home today would be the plan.

But then I found a great deal online for some pantry items - and I had a 10% off coupon, plus a credit on my credit card to put towards it... so I ended up spending money anyway!  At least I shopped in my comfy leggings and oversized flannel shirt instead of having to 'shop' in real see-people clothes. 
Random Chit-Chat:
Amazon hasn't announced to their affiliates yet in an email  - BUT I just saw a little blurb across the top of the amazon affiliate homepage that they will no longer be supporting the quick links to sites. 

Hmmm.    Interesting because 'quick links' is pretty much what I use and have used for literally years.... so it's probably 99% of the links on my websites for the past 14 years;  but it's not really explained if the links already in place will still be honored OR if they mean they won't use/make them any longer.  Not that I make hardly anything on commissions (literally... sadly) but even $5 a month is graciously welcomed as a huge blessing right now to me.  So I'm wondering what the answer to my question is.

I'm wondering how long it would/will take me to literally go through 14 years worth of pages to remove or change links that were made with 'quick link'.  A few pennies in affiliate income would NOT make my time worthwhile for that.  I'll have to watch for more information once word spreads that the quick links will not be supported anymore.