It's Just the Coffee Talking: A day may come when I get enough sleep and don't need coffee.... but it is not this day


The million dollar question today... how many times can I open this browser and attempt to make a blog post for the day?

I think... 9 or 10?  Something like that so far.

The day started around 1:00 am waking up to a faulty window security alarm (it acts up about every 6 months or so).  I did get back to sleep - and thankfully woke up about 2 minutes before my alarm for "last chance to hurry and rush out the door on time" alarm went off.  

But my goodness... life since that hasn't stopped for a moment to take a breath since then.

Which is why I'm shoving handfuls of mixed nuts into my mouth as 'lunch' and attempting to get a blog post up so I can hit 'publish' and be done!  Ha.

OH!~ while I was on the phone with a hospital appointment scheduler person, apparently my new floor scrubber (that I blogged about a couple days ago) was delivered.   I haven't had a chance to open the box yet... but it's the correct image on the front and it's the same model as the one I already own - well, owned (?) before I lent it to the family member that borrowed it.  Almost 3 years ago?