It's Just the Coffee Talking: I just want to stay home all day. That's the plan. Home. Coffee. Floors.

Good Morning Friends!

So... if  you read often you'll know I had a frustrating time at the car dealership last Monday trying in vain to get an oil change and tire rotated along with the safety software update recall.

The fake oil-change-appointment that doesn't exist because they don't take appointments, and was scribbled down on a piece of pink post-it paper... is the 'appointment' I should be at right now I guess, but instead, here I am.  Sitting cross-legged in my pajamas in my home office, with coffee at my side.

Because you guys... I just couldn't do it.

I didn't have it in me to get ready, dressed and head 30 minutes to the dealership to sit and do nothing for THREE HOURS in their waiting area.  (Yep - 2-3 hour wait... and that's iffy since it's Friday and it's one of their busiest days for cars to be left for work.)

Nope.  Can't do it.  Not today.  Not gonna happen.

I would like to actually, maybe, perhaps... finally open the box of my Hoover Floor Scrubber that I ordered - and was delivered DAYS AGO and I have YET to get 15 minutes 'free' to open the box and look at it.

I'd like to clean my floors today.

How crazy is that?

Can I please just clean my floors today!?????  

I don't want to deal  with people, places or appointments.  No toddler boss-babies today.  No snippy customer service people.  I just want to stay home all day.  :)

That's the plan.