It's Just the Coffee Talking: Morning Commute Woes and a couple memes

Good Morning!

I just brewed a fresh cup of hot coffee... I have this editor box opened and it's time for random chit-chat over coffee!

This morning I was in the bedroom finishing getting ready to head out the door in a couple minutes.  I heard what I thought was a very (very) loud CRACK of a... shotgun?

Odd.  Who would be shooting a shotgun just before 7:00 in the morning?  And it's not even hunting season... but it was so loud and... crisp and strange sounding.  I stopped what I was doing to look out the bedroom window to the woods that my neighbor and I share;  looking for any movement, color or someone in the woods.

Confused, but seeing no one and having to finish getting ready, I let it slide.

About 12 minutes later (yes, running a bit late) I finally got on the road. 
As I got to the end of our road to turn onto the 'main' road, I saw lots of blue lights to my right.  
The road was still open on my side (and the way I needed to go) because no emergency vehicles were there yet and they hadn't secured the scene (fire engine, ambulance and tow trucks all came soon after), but there were three local police cars just on the scene and although I only got a quick look as I passed, it seemed there was at least one car completely flipped on its side, and doors and hatchback were opened... it was crumpled and wedged into the mud and dirt....

That's all I could see in the split instance I had to look.  I couldn't tell if there was a second car or not as I needed to keep my eyes straight ahead to maneuver through the police cars and other vehicles. 

The strange sounding 'shotgun' blast I had heard at my house (exactly .9 miles away) was not a strangely loud shotgun blast.  It was the SMACK of a car accident.  

(There ended up being two accidents.  The first one that I passed and then soon after, a second one when traffic had slowed and stopped, but someone driving too fast behind didn't stop in time and plowed into the stopped traffic for the first accident site.)   What a mess.  Not sure if anyone passed away in the first wreck - if they didn't, they have to be in bad shape - it was not a pretty sight. 

I hate my morning commute.  I've blogged about it several times.  It's not that traffic is heavy or bumper to bumper for a couple hours like it was in the cities;  it's the back, 2 lane winding roads that are horrible.  The number of people speeding or tailgating is one thing but my pet peeve is the incredible number of people crossing over the center yellow line into oncoming traffic... me!  I usually count an average 4 people literally crossing the center line each morning.  It's one of the main reasons I invested in a dashcam to record every time my car is driven. 





Oh this meme is so funny because I swear it's true... bah ha ha.

(My husband - to me, as he gets out of bed in the middle of the night)  "Sorry... I was trying to get up without waking you."

Me:  Are you kidding?  I woke up 10 minutes ago because of our kids coughed.  And she's in college, three states away."

Almost 60% of Democrats favor house arrest of unvaccinated citizens?
45% support confining people in camps?  Taking away their kids?

Nazi much????