It's Just the Coffee Talking: They've discontinued my favorite Urban Decay Vice Lipstick....

Hello Coffee Friends!

I've started a morning post oh-so-many times but I find myself doing everything else....

I've filed the last 4 months worth of papers/bills/receipts, etc.
I've watered the plants.
I've done laundry.
Straightened up and put things away that were out of place.
Sprayed Lysol on heavily used surfaces.
Called our car dealership service dept. to try to make an appointment next week for an oil change and tire rotation and software update; (they won't let me; they have gone to 'first come first served' and no longer take appointments).


Basically.... every post I started was then deleted when I got back to my laptop.

So...  I'm sipping coffee and wondering what to say at this point.


Here is something completely random...

Urban Decay stopped making my favorite lipstick.

  I'm not a lipstick kind of girl.  I hate bright colors that say "HERE COME MY LIPS!"  and frankly, I think I look awful in bright or dark colored lipstick.  My entire life... maybe it's my coloring.  What I think I do look good in is a light pink - fresh - natural and just a hint of color.  

The problem with that however, is most lipsticks are either sticky or drying.  It's hard to find a good one.

A few years ago, for the first time EVER I spent more than a few bucks on a 'good' lipstick and I found my go-to.  It was Urban Decay and the color was Morning After.   I liked the color, loved how it made my lips look and really liked how soft and moisturizing it was without being sticky or drying.  

Unfortunately - they completely discontinued this line.  They went to a 'new look' and in revamping the line, did away with my favorite shade.

I really didn't have the time or inclination to go searching for a color match so I went online and found one at Amazon.  I didn't know if it would be the real-deal since they are full of cheap Chinese knock-offs... but even knowing this, I was willing to give it a try.  Because I was literally down to my 2 containers almost scraping my lips because they were quite literally... gone; this purchase would buy me time to do some research and trials to finding a new go-to.

Well, it was delivered yesterday.  It was in the exact packaging of all my other Urban Decay lipstick purchases.  It was the correct color, correct weight, feel and even the little bumps at the base of the tube.  It was stamped on the bottom just like my others.  For all intents and purposes, it seems I tracked down one of the few remaining by sellers who snatched them up as they were being discontinued.

Because I don't have to wear it every day, this one will last me a while... and certainly enough time to do some shade, brand and texture testing for a new go-to lipstick.

If anyone out there knows of a color match or really similar to MORNING AFTER by URBAN DECAY in a good quality lipstick that is moisturizing (avocado oil is good) - feel free to share your information with me please?  Thanks so much!


Most of being an adult is whispering "fuck this" while doing it anyway.

I sent this to my son once and we got a good chuckle out of it... it's so true.
Once you have kids, your 'mama lion' comes out.
(From the time they are an infant through adulthood)
If you have ever done my kid wrong...
I know.
I'll never forget.
And I don't like you.

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