The evolution of a blog: It's Just the Coffee Talking

Good Morning friends....

I've just got 2 cups of hot, strong, black coffee in me - but that's probably all for this morning as after I chit-chat with you, I've got to go get ready to start the day.

I'm debating bringing my laptop with me later this morning to give me something to do besides reading and people watching for 3 hours between a couple of appointments.  I will be sitting in a waiting room area.  Sometimes when you are just waiting around in an environment like that, time goes by pretty quickly and you use nothing you've brought with you to occupy your time or mind.  

Sometimes you just find yourself thinking and whoosh!  Time has passed.  

Other times you fidget and wiggle and can't concentrate and time passes as slowly as it did back in 10th grade high school when you watched every dang second of that school clock tick-tocking and it took 3 months for the last 7 minutes of class to finally end.

You just never know.


You know, back around 2004-2009, Coffee Talking was pretty busy with lots of chitter-chatter back and forth; not just me, but a group of bloggers that would read and visit each others sites and comment back and forth.  It was awesome and I still, to this day am friends with many of them even though none of them 'blog' anymore and haven't in over a decade.  

But then I shut down my blog for over a year - (not really by choice but if you've been around long enough you'll remember that story I think).  

And blogging became a thing of the past as people moved on to Facebook and Twitter - and later, instagram.

Some people rediscovered blogging during the Covid quarantines... others never stopped blogging (there are a few dinosaurs left).  

My blog has changed over the years from a funny "Mom" blog of hilarious antics with my kids, to raising teens, to camping and traveling, on to being strictly coffee-product related reviews and then... slowly, over the past year, I'm starting to chit-chat a little more again.

This blog is just ever changing I guess. 

I suppose I'll just chat about whatever I feel like that day... it's just the coffee talking again anyway.

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