The nun who recorded the 70's rock version of The Our Father (and almost won a Grammy for it - but lost to Elvis Presley) has passed away today


When I was itty bitty, we would go visit my grandma's house and I recall the time spent hanging out with my Aunt, who was about 16 years old at the time I think.  She had a pile of records she would love to listen to and almost always had music playing in the house, in her room, at her desk at the family business when she worked the front desk and I'd sit and hang out with her; and as a little preschooler who loved music, I soon had my favorites.  

I remember loving "Purple People Eater" and "Dear John", "The Candy Man" and "Go Away Little Girl".  One song I really loved was a 'rock' version of the prayer, "The Our Father".  

I have to be honest - I still like it.  I have a copy of it and it's often on my 'random play' music list.  The twangy psychedelic 60's/70's beginning of the song gets on my nerves, but as soon as the lyrics start, I can't help but sing along and belt it out.

Well... the nun who recorded that song (and almost won a Grammy for it - she lost to Elvis Presley) has passed away today. 


Sister Janet Mead, who turned The Lord's Prayer into a rock hit, dies aged 84

"Sister Janet Mead, the South Australian nun who became internationally famous for her rock rendition of The Lord's Prayer, has died aged 84.

She shot into the charts in 1974 with her international hit The Lord's Prayer, putting the Our Father prayer to a rock tune.  The single was distributed to 31 countries and sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.

Despite the fame and fortune, Sister Janet shunned the spotlight and donated all her royalties to charity.  While best remembered for her meteoric rise to fame in the music world, Sister Janet devoted most of her life to helping the homeless and disadvantaged.

She continued to teach at St Aloysius College despite the pressure of becoming a chart-topping star.  "It was a fairly big strain because all the time there are interviews and radio talkbacks and TV people coming and film people coming," she said.




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