Blah blah blah... home alone on Friday night, watching episodes of Friends.... how you doin'?


Hey, Coffee friends...   

I'm just hanging out watching old episodes of Friends. Just finished watching the one with the cheesecake.  I think Joey coming across Chandler and Rachel eating cheesecake off the floor, and sitting down, pulling a fork out of his jacket pocket and joining them, is one of my favorite scenes.  

It's also the episode where David comes back for a brief visit from Minsk.  I just have to say that I love Paul Rudd and his character of Mike - but ultimately I think David and Phoebe should have ended up together.  But, keep Mike too!  LOL.  Not with Phoebe, but as a character on the show in some way, shape or form.  :)

Yes, I'm discussing a show that ended 20 years ago as if it were still on and my opinion mattered.  Ha ha.

Currently the episode playing while I'm typing this is where Phoebe beats the crap out of the fire alarm that won't stop beeping, and Ross and Joey are stuck on the roof of the building trying to figure out how to get down.   

Although I didn't plan this - it ends up earlier today I was looking online at some Friends themed Birthday decorations and coffee mugs.  I was looking on a popular party supply site and their prices were outrageous... but because of this post I just looked online and see Amazon has them much cheaper.  LOL.



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