GoFundMe Withholds Millions Of Dollars Belonging To Truckers Opposing Government Vaccine Mandate


".........their fundraiser page clearly provides the information they need. Lich, who launched the campaign on January 14, pointed out that the fund will be used to sustain the drivers' needs and their expenses as they journey towards the nation's capital where they will converge for the protest.

"We are asking for donations to help with the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task," Lich said.

In the GoFundMe page of the Freedom Convoy, the organizers explained that the purpose of the fundraiser is to oppose the vaccine mandates that have crippled the livelihood of truck drivers.

"To our Fellow Canadians, the time for political over reach is over. Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet."

"We are a peaceful country that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems it is happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people."

Reuters explained that many truck drivers have joined the Freedom Convoy in the face of a January 15 deadline imposed by Canada for vaccinations. Accordingly, the mandate "forces unvaccinated drivers to observe a two-week quarantine and COVID test before crossing into Canada from the U.S."