Good Morning!  It's Friday... does that matter where you're at?  In our household most all our family members have jobs where weekends and holidays are work days.  Not days 'off' so yeah, Friday hasn't ever meant much to us.

But then again... So many people aren't working anymore, or work from home (and getting full salary but barely work but you know... are 'working from home' cough cough) that Friday doesn't mean a whole lot anymore.  

Couple that with weekends not meaning much in that case as it's still just hanging out at home as so many venues are closed down, or have mask and other ridiculous requirements that people just aren't going anywhere anyway.

So...yeah.  It's Friday.  Yay?  LOL.


I really really really wanted to go camping this weekend.  I have no one to go with me (husband does not camp.  Ever.) but I'd be going solo except I'd bring the dog with me.  However, we don't have a lot of options for camping near by so I'd have to drive at least 1 1/2 hours.  

I only do tent camping and primitive camping (being packed like sardines in a campground with RV campers running their damn generators and screaming kids and playgrounds and blaring music until 3:am is not my idea of fun...) so anyway... I wanted to camp but I'd have to drive a bit to get anywhere.  

And it's going to be cold.  Like, 23-ish degrees cold.  I hate cold.  HATE cold.  I was born and raised in the kind of cold that is negative a good part of the winter.  Been there.  Done that.  -35 or -45 (yes that is below zero) is a 'thing' where I've lived.   I did my time.  Now, I live where it's not a normal weather pattern to go below zero. It happens, but rare.  So 20 degrees is cold.  And I know I'd spend most of my 'solo camping weekend' not enjoying myself but just trying to stay warm.  

Meh.  I've tent camped solo when it was 113 degrees.  I'd rather be hot than cold.

So no, I'm not camping again this weekend.  I think I would camp a lot more often again if I had a camping partner.  Solo is great sometimes, but a camping partner is sometimes better.   

Yeah, I'm done whining.  It's just the coffee talking again. 

I'm going to go brew another cup of coffee and get ready to dive into balancing the checking account and seeing if I can afford to pay any bills. 



 Prices are higher than Hunter Biden... and that's pretty dang high.

I need to be able to tell my children and grandchildren that I did not stay silent.

Support for the truckers taking a stand against mandatory shots and 2 week quarantines every time, just for crossing the border back and forth for their jobs.

This is me.  It always has been.

Supporting Chad Carswell... and giving a finger to the doctors and hospitals who would rather watch him die and gloat about a darn experimental mRna shot than do the right thing and honor their oath.




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