It's Just the Coffee Talking: And yes, I really do think it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.


Good morning... good morning!

When I woke up this morning and glanced towards the clock in the bedroom, it was blinking.  At some point early this morning between 4:00 and waking up, it had gone out for some reason - but it did come back on.  That means I have to reset the blinking bedroom clock, microwave, the oven clock, the backup message machine we have on our emergency landline, etc.  Blah.

I did none of them.  Instead I made coffee.

The school bus comes to pick up the little ones in this neighborhood at 6:45 am.  Although that is normal in many places (three that we've lived in over the years), I still think it's far too early.  When we lived way up North, it was pitch-dark-o-clock when the bus would come.  Not only pitch black outside, but in the winter and early spring it was often still -10 or -15 below zero.  Too damn early, dark and cold to be standing out waiting on a bus.  But... life.

No reason to chat about that really except the bus just came by so it was on my mind.

Yesterday - errands went pretty well.  Whew!

The membership warehouse was well stocked after the busy weekend, and I have early shopping privileges with the plus membership so I got there and for the most part, got the things on my list.  (Out of a few of them.)  I spent a little more than I'd like by the time I left, but I felt good about what I bought.  Some for now, some to dehydrate or freeze, and some to put away in the pantry 'just in case'.  

I stopped by the grocery store before I went home (food was in cooler bags in the car).

As I was finishing my trip a man greeted me in the freezer aisle.  "How you doing today?"

I smiled.  "Good.  Thank you."

"Things are getting bad out there...."  he continued.

I just smiled again.  Said, "Yep."

He repeated himself again, shaking his head, and looking worried.

I was still shopping, walking and hadn't stopped but he was looking at me, as if to either agree or make him feel better and say it wasn't (?).  I was going to say something like, "Yep, better stock up." But instead, he continued....

Although I don't know the exact wording, it was basically something like, "Won't be long now and the sky is going to open up and He's going to come back.  The sky is going to rip open, and down Jesus will come on a cloud...."

His version went on a bit and was more... um... flowery in description.  I and another shopper were both walking by as he was telling us this and although we were all kind of in the conversation I guess, I hadn't stopped walking and pushing my cart.

I simply said, "Oh, I think it's going to get much, much worse before that happens...."

I kept walking, and turned the corner of the aisle to the produce department.  I wasn't sure if he was going to continue, but he saw 2 men he apparently knew, and called out a happy greeting to them; and they in response.  They started to chat about everyday life.  

I bought my cabbage and green onions and went on with my shopping.  

And yes, I really do think it's going to get much worse before it gets better.