It's Just the Coffee Talking... but just memes today. No time to talk.

I've attempted to get time to sit here long enough to type a post since about 7:45 am.  That was 3 hours ago.
It's a Monday.
Too many tasks.
Instead, memes.





Dementia Joe.  Does he really believe himself?


Yeah, because that's what is important right now you twit.


I want to go back... when the borders were secure, gas was affordable, the grocery stores had food and household goods, unemployment was low, the stock market was crushing new records, world leaders knew we had a Lion in place who wouldn't bullshit, and our President knew how to tie his own shoes - unlike this one.


If you are Catholic, you may love this photo.

Why yes, that is Pope John Paul II standing by a lake... looking all pensive.  :)