It's Just the Coffee Talking: Early morning phone calls because you're excited about a pair of shoes you bought yesterday

Good Morning!!!

My husband is actually off today, and although I woke up early as usual, I decided to lay in bed and read my book.  I try to read it every night but usually I fall asleep within 15-20 minutes or so; I'm just so tired.  

I thought being 'lazy' and laying in bed reading instead of getting up, I could finally get a little further in the story.

About 30 minutes later, my secondary cellphone phone (I use two) rang with a Facetime call from one of our daughters.  I answered, and then as we talked, I got out of bed and we talked while she was driving to work on speakerphone and I made coffee.  It was about 7:00 am.  

When we hung up, I went back to the bedroom to get my primary cell phone out of the side table so it wouldn't wake my husband as I knew it would start getting busy with normal day to day life.  His eyes were closed but he was concerned, "What did she need?" he mumbled... because in his mind (is it most husbands/Dads?) anyone who calls at 7:am to talk must have a problem or issue...

"She wanted to tell me about the pair of boots she found at the store yesterday."

He was so confused.  

She would call at 7:am on her way to work over a pair of boots she bought?  Then he kind of shook his head a little and did a tiny smile and was silent as he drifted back to sleep.

He doesn't 'get' our kids.  I do.  Which is why they all snapchat, call or text me at all hours of the day or night.  A snapchat photo our son sends at 2:15 am as he's up studying the bible, an 11:00 text with a photo from our oldest daughter while she is up late making last second themed costumes for a kindergartner for school the next morning, a 5:10 am stunning photo of the sun rising as our son stands in the entrance of his workplace, a 3:15 am text of a screenshot of a baby monitor showing how adorable their little one is sleeping in their crib, etc.  

I get them all.  I love them all.



The asleep are afraid of a virus.  The awake are afraid of their government.


This photo is awesome because it is basically me and some of my friends.

She's vaccinated and she's not.
But they both march for the right to choose.
March against illegal mandates.

The Beijing Genocide Games